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4 Ways You Can Make Money From Resell Rights

Aug 17, 2007
With the soar of popularity in Resell Rights for the last few years, a lot of resellers are crawling the Internet in hunt for quality Resell Rights products they can resell and profit from so this is your chance to take advantage of the phenomenon which is here to stay.

Here are 4 ways you can profit from selling your eBook with Resell Rights:

1. Upfront sale.

You make this type of money simply by selling your eBook at a one-off sale. Nothing really interesting, compared to the next type of income.

2. Back-end sale. (Or residual income)

NOW this is the interesting part. You make some more money from the "backstage", namely your own links and affiliate IDs which you have embedded in your eBook.

To ensure that your back-end income is really residual or passive, build in affiliate links which are at least 2-tier and preferably you own the affiliate program.

So whenever your resellers resell your eBook, you would not mind having them keep all the profits to themselves because you know that you are riding on their marketing efforts because their customers can ultimately be yours, too, as long as they purchase another or service as a result of clicking on your own links or affiliate IDs that belong to you in your eBook.

3. Rebranding fee.

Some of your resellers will want to enjoy the privileges of back-end income that you are experiencing, too. So, the next source of income can come mainly from your resellers who are interested in joining the affiliate program and have the affiliate IDs in your eBook rebranded to theirs.

You can charge them a small fee for rebranding and if you own a monthly paid membership site or service, this can very well be your other source of income, too!

4. Selling Resell Rights.

You can choose to convey or sell the Resell Rights to your product separately. Resell Rights, if sold separately from the product, can cost up 5 times the normal price of a product.

Alternatively, you can convey the Resell Rights (Basic or Master) to your product as a bonus for purchasing to encourage viral marketing without any effort on your part.
Why Resellers and Not Affiliates?

So, you are probably wondering: why resellers and not affiliates? After all, there are product authors who are successful in sales simply by creating an affiliate program for all affiliates to join and market his product for a commission.

While there is no right and wrong answer here, consider the following:

Overall, resellers are usually more motivated than affiliates. Why? That is because a reseller has to invest an amount of money in acquiring a product with Resell Rights. That is his money (and probably hard-earned at that) on the table and he is more motivated to cover investment quick and then profit from it.

On the contrary, there is no joining fee in becoming an affiliate. This is probably the reason why most affiliates are not as motivated as resellers as they have never invested any money at all in becoming one. Succeeding or dropping the program altogether would not make any difference to the affiliate.

If you start an affiliate program, you will risk affiliate spamming. If you visit the forums and your affiliate program gets popular, it will not be long until you see your own affiliate spamming your favorite forum which you frequent often. I know it is the work of a moron, but so true is the saying "suckers are born every minute".

And that explains why it happen everyday. Not only do you risk your reputation, you are risking having a date with someone in bigger authority than you, namely your landlord a.k.a. Mr. Web Hosting, especially if some one actually reports affiliate spam to him.

Resellers, however, work independently. A reseller sets up his or her own page or web site with the given marketing materials (often called reseller packs) to start selling the product. If the reseller is at fault, his business would be affected and not yours.

And since resellers do actually invest in the first place to get hold of your eBook, some of them will not mind paying extra to have their affiliate IDs rebranded or even join your recurring membership site or service to enjoy residual income, too!

All in all, resellers help you market your eBook aggressively. As long as you give them strong reasons and strong incentives to do so, leveraging your business on Resell Rights can be a true win-win-win for everyone!
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Kurt Naulaerts and Robert Martin make use of streaming video to build their business. Email and internet are very impersonal. Video can give people the confidence to work with you.
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