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Should You Buy Before You Promote?

May 20, 2008
There are a lot of affiliate marketers who work very hard in order to make more money online. They will try to work in different niche and promote various products. However, one of the questions you may probably ask at this point is that whether you should purchase and try the products before you promote them.

Yes this is really a very good question. In fact, the point here is that you have to know the products well before you start promoting them. To this end you may need to buy the products before you promote them.

One of the advantages of buying and trying a product yourself is that you can create your personal testimonial about the product. This is very important since by doing this you will have some unique testimonial about the product on your website.

Of course you will need to spend some money on the product when you are purchasing it. However, you should treat it as an investment in your business of affiliate marketing. You need to invest some money anyway. This is especially true if you will launch some advertising campaign. You should try the money you spend on purchasing the product part of the cost of your advertising campaigns.

When you have tried the product, you will know the quality of the product. You have to be honest, if the quality of the product is not that good, you should not try to promote the product since there will be of low potential anyway. And you will try to promote it if it is a good product. This is in fact another advantage of trying the products yourself. You will know whether the product is worth promoting or not.

Of course in some cases you will not be able to try some products. For instance, if you are a very slim person and you are trying to promote some weight loss pills, you may not be able to test it out since you are not an overweight person. If this is the case, you may need to work harder to do some researches. You have to ask questions in some online forums. You should ask if someone has been using the product before and ask for some real opinions.

In fact, if it is really possible, I will strongly recommend affiliate marketers to try the products before they promote them. You will find that you can promote the products more effectively if you can do so.
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