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The Most Important Reason Why People Fail Online

Aug 17, 2007
When people explore the internet searching for a money making opportunity, they enter a mine field. Before they know they have subscribed to a lot of ezines, newsletters and reports. Their mailbox sounds like a piano caused by hundreds of incoming e-mails. Every e-mail contains a seducing message. Because every time again there is a new opportunity that seems to be a goldmine. This is extremely dangerous for newbie marketers.

If you are just starting your own Online Business from home, I have a strong advice you should take from me:

Be LASER-focused!

With advertisements on the Internet displaying "Earn $5,000 a month", "Get rich quick" or "Earn free cash", operating an Internet Business demands more focus than ever on the part of the owner.

You cannot afford to be swayed so easily by such advertisements and programs. Give your new Online Business a chance to grow and it will reward you later for your efforts and investment. You make a choice and you should hold on to that program for at least three to six months. Explore different advertising methods. If you keep trying you will finally find a way to successfully market your business.

You will be surprised that too many people do not think that way somehow.

Truth is: you can only do so much work at a time. People can attempt to accomplish many things at the same time and in short span a time but more often that not, they accomplish nothing much, if any at all, in the end.

If you are just starting your own Online Business from home, stick to it faithfully in spite of the obstacles you will encounter (you definitely will).

Sticking to your plan and working to build your own business on the Internet is very much like watering a plant. You water the plant everyday and magically on one day, it does not need you anymore. The plant has grown into a tree and provides shade and fruits for your enjoyment.

I understand if you are in a hurry to make your Online Business successful. Who is not?! However, focus and patience is what determines the success of your Online Business as with any other kinds of business.

While I am not against looking into other ways of making your money, you should always stick with your new Online Business first and make it your top priority.

The only good time you should look into other opportunities is when you have expanded your Online Business successfully that it does not require as much attention as when you started or after learning that your current Online Business may not be working.

Having multiple streams of income is indeed what you should try to accomplish, but one at a time!
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Kurt Naulaerts and Mike Brown are always ready to help newbie marketers make money online. They care and that is why they choose to promote solid, community minded opportunities .
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