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Will Increasing Gas Prices Increase Homesourcing?

May 20, 2008
As gas prices increase, more and more people want to cut back on their commutes. The expense of driving is very hard on employees. This may steadily increase the willingness of companies to allow homesourcing.

Homesourcing is a sort of counter trend to outsourcing, where jobs leave the country so that companies can save money. Homesourced jobs move into people's homes. It's rather like telecommuting, but many people who telecommute also regularly go to the office. It seems to me that homesourcing is a term applied when the job is more exclusively at home.

There are a lot of companies that have been doing this for a while. LiveOps, for example. It's more or less a new term for something that has been happening as technology allows.

There are advantages to employers as well. Their costs to maintain employees working from their own homes is far less than it is for employees working out of their offices. They don't have to supply them with a place to work, a computer or other supplies, after all. They may help with relevant equipment depending on the company's needs.

For the employee, the pay may be less than it is for those working in an office, but the convenience can make up for that. You aren't commuting and depending on the length of your commute, that can be a huge savings.

The challenge for employees is that there is less supervision. It's a challenge for supervisors too, but for the employee, there must be a high level of self motivation. You can't work from home in any capacity if you aren't driven to do it on your own.

This is a great time for employers to look more closely at homesourcing as an option. Employee and employer both can benefit financially, and generally speaking employers also benefit in employee loyalty. Those who want to work from home tend to be very loyal to those employers who make it possible.

Homesourcing's popularity has increased particularly for call centers, as current technology makes it highly practical. But it works well in other industries where face to face interaction is not required. On the other hand it does poorly if in person interaction improves how the work is done. Many jobs simply won't work for it at all, naturally.

Increasing gas prices mean individuals and companies are considering options to make getting to work a little less painful financially. I expect to see more flexible options such as homesourcing take off over the next several years.
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Stephanie Foster displays a range of work at home jobs at http://www.homewiththekids.com/work-at-home/ for those who would like to try homesourcing. You can learn more about customer service work at home jobs at her site.
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