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The 5 Must-Have Items for a Successful Work-at-Home Business

May 20, 2008
You've picked the perfect spot in your home for your new work at home office. It's a quiet and cozy corner, with a desk and a cordless phone. You've just finished setting up your new computer and you think you're ready to start looking for home based work. In your haste to grab the spot between the picture window and the Monet, you didn't notice that you forgot a few home-office essentials. No home based business should be without the following five items.

Though high speed internet is still somewhat costly, a good reliable service is essential. Most work at home businesses require you to be connected to the internet on an almost constant basis. It also allows you instant access to job postings and email. A high-speed internet connection will cut down on loading times and file transfers. If you plan to mobilize your office, you'll need a strong wireless connection that allows you to connect from anywhere in your house, and on nice days, you may even have the ability to work outside.

A PDF program offers protection for your documents. Some PDF programs are free, but many of the good ones require you to purchase the software. If you plan on writing, or publishing informational products, this is the most important item you can have. PDF files add professionalism to your business and ensure document integrity during file transfers. You can send invoices, statements, newsletters and other documents that customers and colleagues can easily download and store for their own records. If you are sending contracts that need to be signed a PDF file can prevent undetected alterations and save you from many headaches down the road.

For basic organization, a project management/calendar system can be invaluable. A robust system will easily allow you to keep track of appointments, deadlines and marketing targets. An electronic calendar program allows you to easily edit entries, interchange dates, track time, create color-code systems, and print hard copies for your records. Color-coding adds an easy visual reference to your schedule. Used properly, a good program can assist you in keep track of your invoicing reminders and projecting your cash-flow. When you notice that your calendar is getting less colorful, you can start campaigning for work to fill it up again. Some online search engines offer free versions of these programs.

A fax machine, event though we live in a "paperless" society, you are bound to run into a situation when you need a fax machine. You may be able to substitute for a scanner and a good document-editing program but its more time consuming to electronically mark-up pages and scan them into your computer. And there is always a chance that the people you are working for, or with, still rely on fax machines. Fax machines with built in scanners and copiers are reasonably priced and they reduce the amount of space you need to house the equipment.

Last, but not least, you need a comfortable office chair. Over time, this may be the most important investment. Back pain and fatigue are motivation killers. If you are comfortable, you are more productive and more positive. You'll feel hopeful and optimistic. Nothing will stop the flow of creativity faster than shooting back pain and sore neck muscles. A comfortable chair will relieve the stress on your muscles, and reduce the incidence of serious injury to your back and shoulders. Computer related injuries are becoming a serious issue, so buy a chair that will support your back and keep you in a comfortable and stress relieving position while you work.

When preparing to start your own work at home business, people often forget that it takes more than drive and determination to make it successful. Make sure you cover the basics, and the business will flourish because you're organized and prepared for anything.
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