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A Conference Call for the Modern Era

May 21, 2008
Is your business primed to handle an emergency? If a crisis requiring immediate mass communication among lots of associates happened, would you be ready? If you have a conference call account you would be. Conferencing is a rapid means of getting everyone together, dispensing information, and solving problems. There are so many needs for this technology that businesses are finding dozens of ways to save money with it.

While conference calling is by no means a new service, it has been revolutionized in many ways. Whereas the ancient analog conference calls could have bad connections and static, the modern digital technology has phenomenal clarity. The advent of the internet has had a big impact on the usefulness of the conference call as well. It is a snap to quickly notify participants of the date and time of any calls and pass along the conference call number and access code. With conference calls, all calls can be recorded free and downloaded. In addition, all records of participants can be filed online.

This is a useful tool for businesses with sales reps all over the nation-or even the world: international conference calling accounts are accessible as well. Conference calls can be used to conduct product seminars, train new employees, or hold meetings. With a conference calling account, you can call as many times as you want and never have to make a reservation. Up to ninety-six people can be on a conference at once, and each call can be as long as six hours-you can manage of a lot of business in six hours!

Free conference calling is an awesome for any organization having a variety of one-to-many communication needs. The applications for this service are boundless. Setting up an account could not be easier, and you will never be billed for any calls. Your participants' are billed for a normal long distance call.

There is no reason not to give free conferencing a try. Over half a million companies are now taking advantage of their conference calling accounts, including over one hundred Fortune 500 companies. Why not sign on today?
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