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Case Studies About Acoustic Enclosures

May 21, 2008
Many companies are now getting acoustic enclosures installed in order to help reduce the noise levels that are being produced in their working environments. From beer and can manufacturers to wind farms, many people have come to realise the benefits of installing this equipment.

One company in particular is Whitlee Windfarm which is Europe's largest onshore windfarm. They have 140 turbines and produce enough electricity to power the whole of Glasgow. The problem they had was that the huge transformers that they need in order to support the scheme were generating noise levels that were exceeding regulations. In order to conquer this they employed someone to design, manufacture and install acoustic enclosures to the transformers to reduce the noise being made. The result is that they now have transformers that don't break regulations so they can continue operation as normal.

Acoustic enclosures can also be used to help reduce noises on yachts as was found out by Vortex Marine. The company decided that they wanted to convert a royal navy survey ship into a luxury yacht service to provide a charter service around the Mediterranean and Caribbean. However, this entailed installing new Volvo marine generating sets on the upper level of the engine room. The problem this created was that there was a high risk of creating disturbing high noise levels for the guests on board.

A solution was reached by installing acoustic enclosures on anti vibration mounts in order to avoid noise vibration throughout the ship. The result is that guests can now enjoy their time on the boat without having to listen to all the noise going on in the engine room.

Liverpool Hope University is yet another example of how acoustic enclosures have reduced noise levels in order to provide a more comfortable environment for everyone. This was quite difficult because they had to ensure that the music studio on the first floor of the university was protected from external noises, that music coming from the studio didn't carry to other parts of the building yet they still needed to maintain good sound quality within the room.

There were several ways of conquering these problems. Acoustic wall and roof panels were installed, as well as quadruple glazed soundproof windows and soundproof pedestrian access doors. All of these materials helped to ensure that all the requirements were met in order to provide a soundproof music studio that could still produce good quality sounds.
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