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Search Engine Optimization Tips - 5 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For Success

May 21, 2008
To get good ranking on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, there are a few things that you need to do in order to rank well. Some of the things are more important than the others, and you should always concentrate on what's important first. Other little things that you do may not increase your ranking on search engines at all!

Now, let us discuss 5 best search engine optimization tips that you can apply right away to your website:

1. Getting back links. Not all back links are important. You need to get quality back links to point to your site and its subpages if you want to achieve high ranking on search engines. Incoming links is the most influential factor that most search engines used to determine your website's ranking. Therefore, if you are not doing other things correctly, you absolutely must get this part right.

2. Placing keywords in Title, META and Header Tags. Keywords that you wish to optimize must be placed in the title, META description and header tags if you wish to achieve high rankings for them. You should make both your title and META description search engine friendly and user friendly. If they are full of keywords, no one will click on your listing. If they do not contain your main keyword, your site may not rank high on search engines. So, crafting out a well-balanced title and META description is really an art, and you need experience to pull off a good one.

3. Write quality content for your site. Search engines love quality and original content. With quality content on your site, you are inviting people to link to you. This will bring you a substantial number of natural links which will be extremely beneficial for you to achieve high rankings on search engines.

4. Good internal linking structure. With good internal linking structures, you are assisting search engines to identify the important pages of your website. You should inter-link important pages of your site together so that search engines will not miss them out during indexing.

5. Do not build your site entirely with Flash and Java. These types of platform prevent spiders from search engines to crawl the content of your site. When search engines cannot read the content of your site, they will exclude your site from their search result pages.

These 5 strategies work very well for me and my clients, and I hope that they will be helpful to you too!
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Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOM, an online marketing agency which specializes in search engine optimization.

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