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What Are The Best Franchises?

May 21, 2008
Investing in a business franchise is a fantastic way to establish and develop an organization and expand markets. It also provides leverage growth beyond a company's capital limitations. This is why companies favour franchising over starting up their own businesses from scratch. The fast growth that can result from starting from scratch is very attractive and exciting to up and coming business men and women but fairly often adding to the unit roster becomes a matter of quantity and quality is quite often forgotten. Franchisors are very picky when it comes to choosing who can buy into their franchises and who cannot. This is why they are so successful. It is very important that the right people are chosen in order for this success to be maintained and for the company to stay healthy.

Franchisees are required to be qualified and competent in their work and also they must be able to promote the product or service brand. They must provide additional value to the organization, and increase the business's success rates along with revenue and market penetration.

If you are a franchisor looking for the perfect franchisee, you must look for all these qualities and more if you are to keep your business a successful one. Below are ten top tips that you may want to consider when choosing a franchise candidate for your organization.

#1 - It is advisable that you conduct checks on the possible franchisee's credit and background and any red flags that are spotted must be investigated straight away as a person buying into your business must have a clear record and must be able to be trusted.

#2 - The franchisee's reference must be checked thoroughly as you want to take on someone who is reliable.

#3 - In order to assess the expertise and knowledge of the possible franchisee it is advisable that you ask them to provide a business or marketing plan.
#4 - If an applying candidate does not have the qualifications that you are looking for and does not fit the personality profile then reject them straight away, it is not worth the risk.

#5 - Have a number of people interview the possible franchisee. Do not just have the franchise sales personnel do it, include diverse staff members also.

#6 - Once the right candidate has been found, ensure that they meet with field staff and are also interviewed by them before the process is completed.

#7 - If you think that someone is perfect for the job do not rush into taking them on. Ensure that it is the right choice to make first as it would not be worth making a mistake in this decision.

#8 - Do not grant more territory or other considerations to a close sale.

#9 - Candidates should be active and able to communicate with the communities where they are situated in order to market products and services that the company supplies.

#10 - You should look at the possible franchisee's current affiliations with professional and community service organisations.
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