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Top 5 Reasons Why An Internet Home Business Website Makes A Success

May 21, 2008
I am sure you will agree that this is also your traffic building target. This is the engine of every internet business website. This system can be run through article marketing, which gives us two benefits.

It is free ( almost ) and it is extremely effective in both short and long term. I have followed this technique for over three years now and want to share these tips to you.

1.The Content Is The King, Not The Distribution.
Many times we can read that the wide distribution is the key to traffic building success, but this is nonsence. The content is the king, i.e. whether you can deliver useful information or internet business tips to your readers.

2.The Article Presells The Idea Of The Landing Page.
I just love the idea and the efficiency of preselling. You have to see the article as an one page ad and to think the different parts of the article in a way, that they all have their special job.

The title is the key. It must have a keyphrase and an eye catching promise to the reader. The teaser has to put more gasoline, the article body has to deepen the readers interest, but not to tell everything.

And then comes the moment of truth, the end of the article, the Author Box. It must increase the readers enthusiasm and make him to get more, to click the link of the landing page.

3.Imagine Your Article Title In The List Of The Article Directory.
There it stands alone, one line title among the many other catchy titles. Does it stand out from the crowd or is it like whatever title? Does it promise something unique or the normal internet business promise?

4.The Idea Of Distribution Is To Get Traffic.
You have to plan, wherefrom you will get the traffic. Which article directories work best. My answer to this tricky question has been that the highest PR directories must be the most valuable ones.

When search engines love them, their customers love them. So simple formula. On the top of that I will use mass distribution service, my blog and the article pages of my website to be able to guarantee that the message and the customers will meet in so many places as possible.

5.Write Regularly.
I write regularly, about three internet business articles per week to keep the quality high. It is important that there will not be long pauses, because that also means the pause in the flow of the traffic.

Your readers will also see that your regular posts are the sing of an enthusiastic internet business owner, who takes care about his audience.

6.The Internet Itself Offers The Topics.
A regular writer can find lots of internet business topics from directories, competing sites and blogs. The internet business forums offer a regular flow of good ideas, which are very market oriented, because they are the ides of other internet marketers.

7.Select Related And Realistic Keyphrases.
The keyphrases are the ones, which surfers use when they dig the information from the Net. Keyphrases are like hooks, which can climb high in the search engines.

The realism means that you have to understand, how many backlinks your article will get, because they will determine how high they will climb.
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