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Is Internet Marketing a Saturated Niche?

May 21, 2008
Is it true that the Internet marketing niche is already too saturated? In a way, yes. But if you can create a unique slant on an old idea, then you can definitely prosper just as well as the others who dropped anchor in this niche years ago.

The World Wide Web is always changing, and new things are being created that give you an opportunity to break out onto the Internet marketing scene with a unique product that sells well despite the number of competitors in that niche.

Just like any other large market, there are smaller, more defined niche markets within the 'internet marketing' field. When you put a website up you need to know many things in order to succeed. You have to drive targeted traffic to your site, make your site search engine friendly (SEO), be able to write a high converting squeeze page and sales page, learn about free and paid advertising. So all these things and more could be a 'micro niche' within the larger 'internet marketing' niche.

You may also want to consider staying away from the Internet marketing niche and paving a path in another niche, such as dog care, parenting, or financial advice. As long as there is traffic and interest, then a niche can be profitable. It's not enough just to find the huge search counts, you also have to be able to see how much competition there is for that particular niche. Then you can determine if it will be profitable or not.

What often happens is that the newbie 'net marketer has a specialty in an area outside of Internet marketing, and once the launch a highly successful information product on it, they write a tell-all eBook showing other Internet marketers how to do what they did.

Ther's really no way for a niche to become fully saturated. As long as there is continued interest, there's always a way to come up with a new slant for an old idea. Print publications do this all the time. Whenever a writer submits a story to a magazine, they have to take an old idea and convince an editor they can write about it in a fresh manner.

Many Internet marketers routinely try to convince others that their niche is, indeed saturated. Why would they do this? It's because they don't want the competition from you. If you are doing affiliate marketing - promoting other peoples products - be careful what you choose. Even though it may be a great product or service, a specific affiliate program can become saturated.

To determine if a niche is truly saturated, or better yet, if you have a shot at success, visit third party product sites such as ClickBank and see how many products are available for the idea you have as an Internet marketer. You can also find the hottest selling products in your niche market, check out commission payments, percentage of sales coming from affiliates and much more, a great place to start.

If you see twenty eBooks on affiliate marketing, ask yourself, 'Could I come up with a unique slant or a better way of doing things' Sometimes all it takes is having verifiable proof of your own success to position you as an expert in a particular niche. It can't hurt to give it a try - and you may find that you edge out all of your competitors for the sheer fact that the consumers want someone new to take the reins and spoon-feed them their information.
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