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Setting Up A Waiting Room

May 21, 2008
No matter what service your provide, you'll find that if you need a waiting room, you need to put some thoughts into its design. A waiting room can determine the mood of your client when they actually get to see you, so make sure that you find them in good spirits. A waiting room is a lot more than just a few chairs and a few old magazines, so make sure that your clients don't feel so bored and antsy when they are waiting to see you. Take a look at a couple of the tips below to get you started.

1. Entryway organization

The first thing that your clients will usually see is the entryway where they can hang their coats, so take some time to make sure that it is well-organized and comfortable. A long row of coat hooks is a good way to start this; it will take up less space than an hanging rack, and you'll find that they add a great wood accent to the area. Make sure that your entryway is clearly visible from the waiting room and the receptionist's area, so that your clients an your employees can keep an eye on the coats that have been left there.

2. Magazines

Rotate your magazines out regularly; nothing gives a waiting room a grim or dismal air the way that a stack of tattered magazines will, so take some time to make sure that you display any reading material that you have around attractively in a rack. Think about getting a few subscriptions to entertainment or family magazines, and try to focus them on what your industry is; if you have a lot of children coming through, think about making sure that there are parenting magazines available. You may also be interested in putting out some "airport fiction," that is, fiction that is very light and readable.

3. A small play area is essential if you are going to be seeing children at all. It will keep the children from becoming nervous our anxious, and you will find that it allows their parents or guardians to prepare any paperwork that they need to without worrying about entertaining their children. Make sure that the toys and equipment you get from this area are easy to clean with a wet wipe, and that there are no small parts to go missing or get swallowed.

4. Lighting

Remember that lighting does a great deal for the mood of your clients, and if at all possible, make sure that their waiting area has a lot of access to natural light. If this is not possible, make sure that your waiting area has strong lighting available. Keep the light as "clear" as possible; avoid light that is yellowed because it will create a very tired feel, and make your patients as well as your staff feel drowsy and uncommunicative.

Think about how important your waiting rom is to your practice and take some time to make sure that it is something that your clients don't mind waiting in!
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