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4 Killer Work At Home Internet Business Factors, That Bring Super Conversion Rates

May 21, 2008
And another reason: somehow the aim to a high conversion rate requires more skills than a pure traffic building. It is just more challenging, more brain work!

So how to increase the conversion rate? Okay, if we look at the term more closely, it means that more site visitors will do the desired action during their visit. So why would the share of the buyers be bigger?

1.The Key Is The Differentiation.
The whole idea to market some work at home internet business is to stand out the crowd, to be different. But to be different is just the starting point, we must be different in a useful way.

If the differentiation means only different, shocking template, it is an empty promise and has no real future. The key is the benefit, which we can deliver to the customer.

But everything starts from the attention building. If the site has no attention value, it has no value. The internet is a huge collection of ads, many very close to each other as to the looks.

So an effective work at home internet business site follows the AIDA path, attention, interest, desire and finally action.

Very clearly the interest building is challenging and turning the interest into desire, which is highly emotional, is even more challenging.

2.How To Wake Interest And Desire?
Good question, what`s next? I think the interest is something which has real value to the reader at that very moment. He must get the feeling that he could benefit financially about it directly or undirectly, immediately or later on.

The desire is an emotional want, which can be raised through the content of the site by using mostly copy but also graphics for instance.

Copywriting is an art. Actually I should do better in this article, but this is the best I can do. The promise of the page is the most important part. It will tell immediately, whether the page has something useful to the reader.

The rational content is not of course enough, it must be catchy even sexy. If the target of the copy is to make the reader to buy, i.e. salescopy, then it must make the reader to the climax just before the buy - order appears.

3.The Target Audience Must Be Clear And Sharp.
If the webmaster has a clear definition about the target audience it is much easier to build up the site. This is an elementary part of the strategy, where we have to make a narrow definition rather than a broad one.

Every work at home internet business site is a small business, which cannot market to everybody. That is a stupid idea, we just have to make the choices.
The nicher your target audience is the stronger brand you can build, because the profile or the content will be precise and believable.

4. The Relevancy Follows The Above Choices.
When you have the business strategy you know what you are doing, how and for whom. Now the bases of the relevancy of your work at home internet business has been set and you can build a great content, which offers super benefits to the visitors.

If these 4 factors are done properly, your conversion rates will be the best in the industry as will be your sales too. The content is the king!
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