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Tips On Keeping Your Identity Safe

May 21, 2008
Identity theft is so common nowadays that people are trying ways and means to protect their identities from being stolen. It seems like stealing an identity is even much a breeze than stealing someone's wallet out of their pocket or robbing a helpless lady in a deserted dark street. The thing is, everyone is using their computer and surfing the net so often that they leave their personal information in the computer and on the net. Take FaceBook and Blogger for example. Many people would spend their time in FaceBook socializing and updating their profiles so frequently that it has almost become a daily routine for them to do it.

Blogger is also a place where many people would recount their daily activities in. Most people regard Blogger as an online diary where they can rant, confide in and talk about anything under the sun in their own personalized blog page. These are the places where identity thieves love most. They can get almost any information they like from these places and then get to know the person preferences and where they frequent most. And with FaceBook around, these identity thieves have an even easier time on getting to know their target's facial features and can easily get a plastic surgeon in town to redo their face to look exactly like their victims'.

Protecting one's identity is becoming increasingly important nowadays as technology advances in a monstrous way. We might even be travelling in flying saucers tomorrow for all we know. Right now, it is a time for us to take responsibility in protecting our identities from the hands of the predators. The internet is a vast community with almost any information available. I could just do a search with your name and find your blog and also your social networking site that you frequent.

In order to protect your identity, I would like to advise you on a few things:

1. Do not publicize your personal information openly

2. If a person ever wants to know more about you, get him/her to meet you face-to-face

3. If you want to blog or rant about your daily life, keep it as non-detailed as possible.

4. If you ever decide to give out more of your personal information to someone, be prepared for any consequences that might happen later on (you might see another you on the streets someday)

5. If you can help it, delete your social networking account and blogs that are too private or set password to your personal blogs so that only your close friends are able to view it.

Besides these few tips, there are actually companies out there who can help you keep your identity safe from identity thieves. You might want to be insured before you carry on your socializing on social networks and blogging as you might not know when your identity will be stolen. It might be stolen this very second as we speak. Therefore, I kindly urge you to take action right now to protect your identity from such a thief.
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