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The 5 Most Popular Home Businesses

Aug 17, 2007
The most common question that most people have when they want to start a business is what do I do. While this is a very individual and often personal decision that you have to make there are often times so much opportunities that you just don't know where to start.

The best way when evaluating a home business opportunity is whether you have a passion or interest in the product or service. If you don't enjoy what you do then you are hardly going to be as successful compared to the person who loves what they do. We all know how different it is when we are doing something we are enjoying, the time passes by quicker and we feel alive. You will want to have that same kind of enthusiasm with your business as you are going to be spending eight or more hours a day on it so you might as well enjoy it.

Here are some of the more popular home businesses out there that may assist you in deciding on what you want to pursue yourself. This is hardly comprehensive but will give you a starting point to do more research.

1. Ebay Business. Ebay has created such a fantastic marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers from literally around the world to the one place. What this has enabled many sellers to do is start selling their products to a larger audience then they would otherwise have been able to do with their own resources. Ebay is such a simple and cost effective business to start from home and many Ebay power sellers are actually turnover millions a year. To start an Ebay business all you really need is products to sell and just to register yourself as a seller.

2. MLM. Better known as multi level marketing. This is a great business for someone to start out who wants to also learn a bit about business. The general way MLM's work is for an upfront fee you signup and become one of the distributors of the companies products. To grow your business you either sell or buy the products or you signup other people to become distributors. MLM are suited to stay at home mums or people looking for a flexible work environment as the hours you work are generally quite flexible. Being part of an MLM you generally have great support and also access to continual learning materials giving you great resources to one day start your own business if you desire.

3. Use your expertise. Another great way to start your own home business is to just do what you are already qualified to do but for yourself. Why not start your own business or become a contractor if you are qualified to do so. This is probably one of the easiest ways to start a business but it will also mean that you will now have to go out and get your own customer base.

4. Hobby business. Many people have started their home business by just doing what they already enjoy doing. They have taken their hobby found themselves a niche and just went with it. A great way is to find out what you enjoy doing already and see if you can make a business out of it. You will be surprised as to how much in demand your expertise is with some hobbies.

5. Online business. There are countless opportunities to start an online business for minimal start up cost. You can do anything from selling an informational product which you write yourself or sell other peoples products by becoming an affiliate. There are even people making money blogging on topics they enjoy and earning money through Google Adsense.
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