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Washington DC -- Finding a Corporate Planning Theme at the Capitol

May 21, 2008
Washington DC corporations will have a wealth of outlets when it comes to getting out of the office and hosting an event. So what an event planner would keep in mind is the overlying theme in Washington. It's the birth of American political infrastructure, and there are a ton of tour-type events that can be scheduled.

Corporate event planning in Washington, as well as any other big city event, must be done tactfully. It's not simply planning a party, but meshing entertainment and serious meeting agenda together to make a lengthy meeting more memorable and more satisfying. And the proper way to create entertainment is to think of a theme. In this article I will drop a few theme ideas and examples to make this point a little clearer and also describe more of what goes into corporate event planning in Washington DC.

Event Venue -- Nighttime Monument Tour or Daytime Cherry Blossom View

Really, to stay away from overcrowding and to view the national monuments is an awe inspiring light, nighttime viewing is the best choice to host the tour through. But there are a few things you will want to secure before the plan is made. But first you will want to make sure if the area will allow an event like this at the specific date intended.

However, the areas are spread out as far as monuments are concerned. The Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin area have two great things going for it. It has one of the grandest monuments -- the Jefferson Memorial building -- and the surrounding West Potomac Park has 3,750 cherry trees.

If you choose to have this during the day, during spring -- prepare to have an amazing display of perfume and pink blossoms accenting the event. It's a great place for a picnic where the corporate suits who can kick off their shoes and unwind, maybe take their work buddy or spouse on a paddle boat ride in the basin inlet.

One good thing about the logistics of this place is that in East Potomac Park there is free parking -- nearly 320 spaces.

A few things you will want to observe before making the final decision on the venue. You'll want to see what amenities the area provides to calculate what your company needs to bring. Also, see if you can put up any signs and banners to help the folks find the place and to pump up the theme. Corporate event planning in Washington is a pretty common thing, so make sure that times are booked with a Hotel for meetings, and the place for lunch or whatever is secured with good time gap.
About the Author
GEP Washington (http://www.gepwashington.com) tackles some the toughest corporate event planning in Washington DC. The recent Pope Benedict XVI's Mass at National's Park is evidence of such scope. They do more than plan an event, they make the event memorable. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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