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You're Moving To France?

May 21, 2008
It has been said that more than half a million people from Britain have second homes in France while a further 100,000 live there permanently. One of the most compelling reasons for many Britons to relocate to France is the price of the property and the fact they fall in love with the country.

Sadly however out of all these people who make the decision to leave the UK behind for a more idyllic life in France it has been said that two thirds of British expats go home after less than three years of being in France. The main reason for this is that people fail to plan ahead for their move.

It is essential that you thoroughly plan your move to France well in advance of the date you are due to leave to make sure that you have considered everything there is to know as well as filling in all of your application forms to do with your visa or permit. You are also advised to spend at least two weeks within the area you want to move to so that you can get a feel for the lifestyle.

More important than anything else when it comes to moving to France is learning the language. It is highly important that you learn the French language before you move, even if you only learn the basics. The French take high pride in their language, which is why it is so important that you make as much effort to speak French as you can as you will be more welcomed and are more likely to make friends. You have to except the French way of life and the French way of doing things. For example if you are involved in a business with clients or investors etc you will always have to meet them face to face as it is highly difficult to get any answers via email or telephone. Also the way in which the French interact with each other is less casual than people in Britain, for example here when we arrive at work we shout hello to each other then get down to work, whereas in France colleagues shake hands every morning and say bonjour. It is good to be aware of aspects such as these as you should be sensitive to such differences.

When it comes to community life, again, the formalities are different to what you may be used to. In Britain the way we invite people round is telling them to 'pop round anytime,' in France you will be formally invited on a certain day at a certain time, so to get to know people it is advised to introduce yourself to the neighbours and get involved in community events, this is what many people in Britain aren't aware of; you need to put yourself forwards. If you show you are willing and eager to become involved, you will be welcomed with open arms.

One of the easiest ways of getting around France is via car, so if you are moving to France you are able to bring your car over, subject to restrictions, and if your driving license was issued by an EU county it will be fully valid to be used in France. Other driving licenses may be valid for a limited period before they must be changed to a French license.
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