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Secret Of Automated Lead Generation

May 21, 2008
I'm often asked by thousands of people, "What is the secret of automated lead generation?"
People are searching, struggling trying to find this simple answer and I'm going to show everybody reading this quite how simple it truly is.

Can you imagine generating 10, 20, 30, even 50 new leads a day using a automated lead generation system? What would these kinds of numbers do for you in your business opportunity?

The recipe is as simple as this formula I'm about to share with all of you. Focused Action = Results, that's the secret to unlimited MLM lead generation in your home based business.

Allow me to explain. The number #1 reason why people fail in their home based business is because of information overload. Information overload caused by fear of failing which leads to non-action, people not taking action in there business.

Have you ever had a brilliant idea to do something really BIG in your home based business, only to think about it longer(information overload), then you fear your idea might fail so you decide not to try it because it's to risky?

If you answered yes then it's safe to say the reality is you're a victim of information overload. Fear of taking action is holding you back from your dreams and your just not ready for MLM lead generation success at this time.

There is an enlightening story of Hernando Cortez who lead an expedition along with 700 men into Mexico to obtain many treasures. After months of travel, Cortez had his men unload everything from all their 11 ships.

As they headed to their new adventure the men turned back to see all 11 of their ships burning! Naturally, their reaction was to fight back, as surely the enemy had attacked them. Cortez then halted his men as this was all apart of him plan, he had ordered every single ship to be burned.

Cortez did not know what he and his men would have to encounter in their expeditions. What he did know was that by "Burning the Ships" he eliminated their way of retreat so their would be no option of giving up and going back.

At the same time Cortez created a genius way of creating powerful motivation to succeed because he & his men had no other choice but to succeed or face death. How about that for motivation?

This story points out we must "Burn Our Ships" fully committing ourselves 100% to taking focused action. Focused action is the only thing you can do to create results. Focused Action = Results.

Not until you're willing to burn your ships & eliminate all retreats will you be able reveal the secret of automated lead generation in your MLM business opportunity.

I can sit here and tell you all day long about all the methods I use online which are vehicles of creating endless MLM lead generation funnels but the truth is this, without understanding this story of Cortez and the truly understanding this SIMPLE formula of taking focused action to get results it's pointless to take any steps further.

There are a million and one ways to figuring out the secret of automated lead generation but it all starts with taking focused action. Are you willing to burn your ships and take focused action & do whatever it takes in order for you to succeed in your homes based business?

If you answered yes, then you got it! Now go take focused action because you figured out the secret of automated lead generation and how simple it really is.
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