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How To Get Free Targeted Quality Leads Without Cold Calling.

May 21, 2008
Are you still spending time on the phone making cold calls? Maybe you bought a lead list. For sure you're holding meetings or going to them, right? And all of us are trying to bring our friends and family members in as business partners. Those days have come to an end.

Trying to build your business the way you've always done it, frankly outdated. It is an irrelevant, out-of-date way of doing business. Only those who don't know about attraction-based sponsoring continue to use it.

If you stop and think about it, people really dislike being solicited. The marketer is normally met with anger and rejection. People typically hate being approached without prior consent. So the old cold-market prospecting approach to build a business just doesn't work anymore.

This is where the internet has created an entirely new world of opportunity for everyone. A person can literally turn a simple thought or hobby into a business for little or no money at all.

But even with that statistics state that 95% of marketers fail at their home business. Mainly this is because they haven't acquired the skills and knowledge they need for today's market place to be competitive.

Those who do succeed in todays market have discovered the secret, or the key, to separating themselves from the pack.

The answer is really quite simple. As a marketer, you're in the business of selling to someone and/or getting someone to join your business. The ideal way to accomplish that is to have them welcome YOU or invite YOU. You never want to hound someone about your business, just as you wouldn't like someone constantly after you either. Am I right?

So when it comes to building your business, you can do one of two things...

1. You can continue to play the numbers game with cold-calling and hopefully make a sale (which is the way those 95% of people who fail take);

2. You make yourself the person that interested prospects will seek out and contact you instead of you cold-calling to contact them.

Without question the second way is preferable because it puts you in the position of an expert. Having prospects perceive you in this manner is important in their decision making concerning your business.

When using this approach the prospect is now seeking you out to buy your goods or services. Otherwise you'll be hunting them down asking them to buy from you or join you. While everyone else is still trying to sell, sell, sell, you're not involved in selling any longer. Now it's all about attraction and positioning.

You must understand the importance of being a knowledgeable service provider that is sought after to buy from or join with.

With the right preparation, you can become the expert and leader that is sought after. It is easier than you may think. So now when you do make phone calls people will feel honored to receive that call.
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