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How To Dominate A Niche Even As An Affiliate

May 21, 2008
Even when you are marketing products as an affiliate you want to be the dominating, big-shot, in your niche market, the person every one looks to for advice, suggestions, comments and most of all products and services - It's a term I refer to as niche annihilation. It's what niche marketing is all about.

A major key in the niche annihilation process is finding ways to have other people draw more people to you. This has two sides of the coin and as an affiliate you can use other marketer's products to dominate your niche!

Yes, being an affiliate is a great way to make money, and if those products or services that you are marketing for someone else are promoted properly, by taking ownership of that affiliate product and treating the clients it brings you with the respect and attention to detail, as if your name is own that product instead of someone else, you can grow a huge and loyal niche list that you can earn you a significant income from for years to come.

You can use any of a number of simply ways to capture there names and contact info before sending them to your affiliate website... And no matter what you've heard, a capture page is a must. Then you treat them as if they are the most important clients in the world - If they buy that particular product or not! They are now on your list . . . They are important!

You treat these people as if the product you are selling to them is your own creation. You give them more details with a consistent follow up approach. You provide them great articles about the subject they are interested in, provide them with your own advice when they need it. In other words, you make an effort to make sure they know they are important to you so when it comes time to offer them another affiliate product you know can be helpful to solve their particular problem they'll have confidence enough in you to trust your opinion and buy from you. . .

My friend, this process can and will repeat itself for years and years to come as long as you continue to do your part. You never need to create your own product to dominate a niche, though ownership of a product does help, it's not necessary to generate a good income.

It all begins by with the niche market you choose. By looking for smaller segments of bigger markets; a website can be developed and promoted quickly to exclusively serve a targeted and typically devoted customer base, giving the affiliate a regular income stream. This procedure is then repeated across a number of other niche websites until a desired income level is achieved. . . That said, you should never have a desired income level, you should always continue to strive for more and better niches to exploit.
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