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The Niche Annihilation Method To Success

May 21, 2008
Niche marketing simply means you're advertising to group of people you decide to market to solely. These people all share a common interest. Niche Marketing is the literal contradiction to marketing to a universal group of people that don't have something in common such as we see much of the time with TV commercials.

It's the familiar denominator to which this group of people shares that makes them worth targeting as a market group. Another characteristic that defines a niche market is the reality that a niche market or target audience tends to all hang-out at the identical locations. People in a niche markets also have a tendency to buy the same products and services which is almost certainly the single most important thing about these people that you want to concentrate on.

This is very important because once you know what they will buy or are buying, well, then you sell it to them.

Niche marketing can be highly competitive with some niche marketers reporting well over a million dollars in annual income every year. These niche marketing giants know the way to niche annihilation, or in other words, how to dominate the competition in their particular niche market.

Many on line marketers would like to create a niche annihilation process in their markets, but don't have a clue as to how to go about it. Identifying a good niche to target your marketing is about discovering a distinct segment of consumer interest buying something that is not available or what is available isn't sufficient to fill the demand - Then capitalizing on it.

One key is learning how to stand out amongst others in your given market. For example there may be hundreds of plant sellers online, but how many specialize in the roses that grow in your part of the world which would hold a specific interest to you?

Another way of looking at this is, if you sell cars, you may be contending with thousands of other car lots, but if you sell corvettes and you focus on selling corvettes only, you may find yourself in direct competition with a smaller number of dealers. A successful dealer in this niche market could easily annihilate his competition by providing the best prices in town and or the best service after the sale or provide both to really stand out and own the niche market.

Think about it. If you were going to buy a car for $50,000 at one dealership, or you could get the exact same model for $49,000 with free oil changes for a year, free car wash with the oil change, and etcetera with the one right across the street or just across town, which dealer would you choose? Thats niche annihilation in a very simple form.

With the internet making it so that almost anything in the world is at the customer's fingertips, the niche marketer can greatly benefit from the global market. Just as your consumers can shop from their bedrooms or living rooms, internet based niche marketers can conduct commerce in the convenience of their own home offices.

If you are looking to set your own hours and enjoy the general freedoms of working for yourself, starting a home business specific to a niche market can create that type of lifestyle for you. But first you need to create or find a blue print on how niche marketing works so you can follow it step by step to better insure your total success.

If you want to invoke niche annihilation in your chosen market you must have the tools and insider knowledge to make it happen. General information is a good stepping stone to the road to success, unfortunately it will only get you on the road, and in today's super highway market dabbling just isn't good enough, you must strive for more, strive for better.
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Michael Littles is a successful, active online marketer who continues to develop his own as well as promote other exceptional business material that helps others be successful in online marketing too. For a free video about his latest project please visit: http://www.nichemethod.nxagemco.com
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