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The Niche Annihilation Method Is How To Dominate Your Market

May 21, 2008
Niche Marketing is about finding a particular subject then searching within that subject to find the most specific group of people to market to as possible. However, the niche group must be a potentially profitable one. This something new marketers either overlook or don't understand how to research.

It is very enticing to look for a wider niche in a market in hopes of attracting more visitors to your website or blog. Regrettably, this has been proven to have the contradictory effect. The problem is that the "take all comers" approach is not very successful by and large as a marketing strategy; marketing becomes pricey when everyone is a prospective customer. In a broad market most of the visitors are not going too interested in what you have to offer.

These people are looking for something quite specific when they type a key word into their browser. It's not like walking threw Wally World Mart where they'll be tempted to pickup something from the shelf, no, in less than 10 seconds your visitor will simply go to another website.

Now that you know what a niche is and how they work, how do you go about identifying your own profitable niche, and more important how can you step into that market and create a "Niche Annihilation" where you are one of the dominate players?

You can start at the very beginning, by asking your self a few essential questions: Such as, "What am I good at?"

Take into account all of your skills. What are you good at that you might consider a hobby or just a genetic talent? You might not consider reading a book as something you would consider as a niche market. However, speed reading and being able to teach others how to improve their reading skills is already a very profitable niche. I say this so you don't discount even the smallest talent you may have or may have knowledge of.

Another way to discover a niche you can get started building a business in is figuring out something you personally don't like to do, or something that someone else does that takes too long or is too expensive, in your opinion, and then you come up with a solution to solve that problem.

For instance, it once took literally forever to get your oil changed. Someone didn't like that and came up with 15 minute oil changes by designing equipment, tools and a system to make it happen. Now the time it takes to get your oil changed has forever been reorganized.

After you figured out what you are good at and what you don't like it's now time to discover if there is a market willing to pay for the knowledge you possess. Today most niche marketers share a ferociously competitive playing field. If you are simply a tire kicker dabbling in a market you'll quickly find yourself battling it out over price with competitors who present identical products and services to your own.

To rise above the norm, you need a mentor that has already gone through the steps, walked the road that you are now about to step upon. You need to cultivate the knowledge of a proven Niche Marketer who can teach you what you need to know about niche marketing so you can get where you want to go.

So, how can you find these profitable niche markets and a mentor to help you annihilate your niche competition?
First, you find the keywords that are looked for the most in your chosen broad topic. Then, you use Yahoo or Google keyword tools to find the best ones for your purpose. Now its time for you to go to a search engine, like Google, and look for your competition in this niche market.

This is the simple part, simple, but not necessarily easy. Type in your keywords one at a time, and find out how many websites are about the same niche market as yours. Put your key words in quotation marks to narrow your search results to sites with those exact key words.

You are looking for keywords where there are a high number of searches but fewer competing websites, be forewarned this manual process may take many hours to complete. However, there are very specific niche marketing tools that help you determine these factors as well. They save you time and are a lot more accurate while giving you a wider range of keyword options.

Your next step is to purchase or find all the material you can from the niche marketing leader in this market... Get on their mailing list and learn from them. A good marketer will respond to your questions via email and you can build a great amity with them - people love to show how much they know... It's true.

From this guru, you'll learn what works in this niche and what doesn't. From paying attention to what is being purchased you can clarify if your new mentor is on point with the market or not. Use a company like Click Bank as a resource to discover what is being sold in this niche and pattern your products by what is selling, or become and affiliate of these products yourself.

Niche marketing can be very lucrative. But, you have to be persistent and focus on completing each task. The most important thing is to actually do something! You can plan all you like, but until you take action you won't see a dime of profit. The biggest and I must say probably the only difference between a person making money in marketing, and one who isn't making any money is that the person making money is applying what they've learned and researched.
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Michael Littles is a successful, active online marketer who continues to develop his own as well as promote other exceptional business material that helps others be successful in online marketing too. For a free video about his latest project please visit: http://www.nichemethod.nxagemco.com
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