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What Is A Squeeze Page And Why Should You Use One To Increase Your Sales.

May 21, 2008
There are many new terms that pop up on the Internet from time to time, and one word that is popping up a lot right now is a squeeze page. This brings up the very good question, what is a squeeze page, and how can it help you increase your sales? Well, squeeze pages are used as a doorway pages to get leads for your website. After all, without any leads, there would be no sales. It's as simple as that. Now that we have that figured out, what is a squeeze page?

This is a page that you place on your website that tries to get people to give out their name and their email address. When they give out their information, they are entered into an opt-in-list. If you have not heard of an opt-in-list, this is a list of people that have given out their emails and have agreed to receive information about different companies. If you do not have the person's permission, this is known as spamming. However, if they have agreed to the opt-in-list, then it is not spamming, and that is where the squeeze page comes in.

Your squeeze page content should be around 250 to 350 words. Although this might seem a lot it really is not if you use the benefits of the products as content.

In a way, a squeeze page is made to "squeeze" out the email address out of as many people as possibly. This page is usually in a website and has some kind of offer to give people to enter in their name and email. To have an effective squeeze page, you have to give people a reason to make them sign up and give you their information. You have to make them want to receive more information by email. So how do you do that? That's simple: Offer people free gifts or free downloads.

So how does a squeeze page will help you? Well, to a company, an opt-in-list is like gold. This is a list of people that you have the right to personally advertise to on a more personal level. When you have an opt-in-list you know that you can email these people, and instead of trying to advertise to a bunch of people, you can talk to them one on one. Since you will have their name as well, you can make the emails sound more personal.

It can be hard to find good opt in lists these days, because people hate getting a lot of mail in their emails. However, squeeze pages are a legal way to get people to join an opt-in-list and agree to have you advertise to them. If you are looking for leads, then a squeeze page is going to be your best friend.

By not currently having a squeeze page on your website you're missing out on a crucial part of your internet business. You need to have a web page where you can send traffic and be sure to turn a high percentage of visitors into subscribers.

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