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Learn To Sell Perfume Oils For Big Money

May 21, 2008
Making money with perfume oils is not rocket science; it only takes some basic knowledge of ingredients and measurement. Actually creating a new scent is possible; it only takes creativity and some experimentation. Just for starters, perfumes are made of water, a little alcohol and essential oils. You can go to the store and smell the scents to find out which ones are the best to get and then bring it home, this could be helpful for study and reference purposes. But if you have perfumes at home theses are also useful.

You will notice later on that some of the essential oils used in making perfumes are also the same ones being used for aromatherapy. In fact, lavender, which is both a top and a bridge note, is effective in treating anxiety and stress. You will be able to learn the different types of perfumes and how to make each one. There are different scents that other companies have not yet even thought about which will be great to experiment on.

You must remember that each product must be stored in a cobalt blue or amber glass bottle because the contents will be damaged should these be exposed to sunlight. If you feel ready to turn this thing into a business will need more than just a perfume kit. You would need more space to stock up on the essential oils and the other materials to make this in vast numbers.

One way to check if the perfume is just right is to give samples to friends and family members. The comments these people give can provide insight on what areas to improve on before the entrepreneur decides either to sell this straight or supply this to someone else. Another way to make money if there is not enough capital yet will be to make homemade perfume kits and then sell these to someone else or online. Surely, it won't cost that much to make as long as the person knows some cheap suppliers so enough profit can be made to eventually start selling the perfumes.

Remember that your primary capital in this business is hard work and creativity. Be open to new ideas and most importantly critics. This is one of the most valuable sources for improvement in your business. Open up more possibilities by researching what is new and what is hot today. What characteristics and moods that perfumes give have more attractive potential to customers? Always considering the factors that affect your target market would spell a big advantage for your business.
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Hunter Crowell is a researcher, avid money maker, and creator of Make Money With Perfume Oils, a web page setup to help perfume makers earn cash. http://www.make-money-explained.info/perfumeoil.html
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