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Using Three Dimensional Renderings In Sales

May 21, 2008
Industrial design is a growing field, and many industrial designers are finding jobs working within the sales departments of large companies. Creating custom, three-dimensional images for potential clients allows a company to provide prospective buyers with an accurate image of exactly what their purchase will look like, which can be a very effective sales tool. In addition to impressing customers, custom renderings will drastically reduce errors in production and confusion with clients, which will reduce customer service expenses.

One of the most popular uses of custom three-dimensional renderings in sales is to create high quality images of bathrooms or kitchens before installing the cabinets and fixtures. Because cabinets and fixtures are usually produced and installed by separate companies, the client rarely gets an opportunity to see the finished look unless their exact choices are available in a showroom model. When the rendering is produced and approved by the client, the chances that a buyer will be surprised by the look of the finished product is greatly reduced. Providing custom rendering images is a great way to reduce client anxiety and increase their satisfaction with the finished product, which will help to increase sales and reduce customer service costs.

Another popular use for custom three-dimensional renderings is to create office environments for large companies. The layout and design of the office as a whole is an important factor in worker productivity, and the layout of each individual work space can be customized to meet the needs of different departments. Custom renderings help to take the guesswork out of choosing a design for potential clients, which results in a more satisfied customer. When customers can visualize the exact look of their desk and office spaces, they tend to be much more confident in their purchases.

The portable trade show display industry has also adopted the use of custom three-dimensional renderings in sales. Because most trade show exhibits are made from stocked exhibit hardware, the renderings can be produced in a much shorter time than they can be produced for a kitchen, bathroom, or office build. Many trade show display companies offer free custom renderings for your trade show booth so that clients can see exactly what it will look like before it has been purchased or set up. Marketing companies are often very particular about the look and feel that their company must present, so allowing them to see customized images before they purchase an exhibit booth will help to ensure that they receive exactly what they want.

Custom three-dimensional renderings can be a very effective sales tool when they are used by professionals who understand the products they are selling as well as the needs of their clients. Industrial designers make it easy to visualize exactly what the finished product will look like, which is a great way to turn leads into sales. Any industry that has very customizable, high-end products could do well to implement a department to handle rendering services. Companies who take the first steps to put such a department in place do not regret the investment.
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Andy Keeler is the owner of MODdisplays, a company that specializes in the sale of portable trade show displays and banner stands. MODdisplays makes use of exhibit designers to improve sales and increase client satisfaction. MODDisplays can be found online at: http://www.moddisplays.com .
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