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Marketing An Online Affiliate Business Free

May 21, 2008
If you are serious about building a profitable online affiliate business then by committing to work daily on the following free internet marketing methods you will consistently build back links to your website, resulting in an increase in your search engine rankings and free organic traffic.

1. Choose your keywords and optimize your online affiliate business website

This first step of internet marketing is really important as you will be laying the foundation of your online affiliate business for years to come and therefore it needs to be laid on solid ground.

Once you have decided to either build a website or get an affiliate website set up on your own domain the first thing you need to concentrate on is choosing your keywords and optimizing your site for the search engines.

Optimizing your website will be the base on which to build your online affiliate business using the following highly effective and free internet marketing methods to generate free targeted traffic from the search engines.

Many people believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is really difficult and this unfortunately means that many who are new to internet marketing will just skip this all important step.

SEO really is not that difficult, it just takes some time and concentration and it will pay you handsomely if you take the time to learn and apply it. You can find free keyword selector tools by searching on Google plus free e-books in my signature at the end of this article that will help you optimize your website.

Then, only once you have chosen your keywords and optimized your website should you then move on to the exciting part of internet marketing and that is building back links to your website in order to obtain higher search engine rankings resulting in free targeted organic traffic.

2. Article Marketing

If you have the time to write your own articles and distribute them to the article directories then Article writing and distribution can be totally free. If you have to pay for the services of a ghostwriter and distribution service it is still a relatively cheap method of internet marketing.

Committing to writing and distributing two articles each and every week, with your keyword phrase anchored to your website in the author`s resource box, you will see a constant, steady increase in back links pointing back to your website.

Many people believe they cannot write and so Article marketing is something they shy away from initially. However, you can train yourself easily by starting off writing short posts on your blog and as it becomes easier you will soon find that you can easily write an article. Articles only need be 500 words in length.

If you don`t know what to write about, an idea is to start off by writing about your experiences on internet marketing so far and as you learn something new write about it, as there are sure to be other people on the internet looking for what you have just learnt or mastered about marketing an online affiliate business.

3. Forum Posting

Yet another free and easy way to gather back links is through your forum signature, where you can anchor your keyword phrase to your website url.

It is advisable to join one or two online affiliate business related forums in the beginning, get acquainted and aim to post constructively so that others benefit from your informative posts.

4. Blogging

Posting unique content on your Blog on a daily basis or at least three times a week, again using your keyword phrases and where possible linking to your main website (internal linking is also important) is a great way to market your business.

Remember to ping your blog after each post to let the blogging world that you have just provided more interesting information that you would like to share.

5. Submit your website to the Web Directories

Submit your website to the web directories and you will gather further valuable back links and there are thousands of directories on the internet. You can buy as well as get free submitters or submit by hand and aim for 10 a day.

By consistently working on a daily basis on one or a combination of all of the above methods to build back links to your online affiliate business website you will be rewarded with an increase in your search engine rankings and free targeted traffic.
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