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The Link Between Confidential Documents And Identity Theft

May 21, 2008
Most businesses are well aware that failure to dispose of confidential documents can have catastrophic effects. Competitors may get hold of valuable information or even worse you may find yourself a victim of identity theft. People are often surprised at how easy it is for someone to steal their identity and may not know the best ways to prevent this from happening.

Confidential documents are by far the most common way in which criminals are successful when it comes to identity theft. This is because surprisingly, some people don't think anything about simply throwing confidential documents in the bin. Thieves are all too aware of this and therefore think nothing of going through dustbins in order to get hold of this information. One single piece of paper may contain all the information that they need in order to access money that doesn't belong to them.

Even companies who are aware of how important it is to dispose of confidential documents properly may still find themselves victims of identity theft. This is because a lot of people employ an in - house shredding system because they think that it is the easiest and cheapest method. However, this may not turn out to be the most secure and cost effective way for many different reasons.

Firstly, operating small office shredders is a time consuming task that will take up a lot of time that could be spent doing something more worthwhile. As well as this it is a boring and mundane chore so chances of someone missing something or not doing something properly are higher. Even one missed bit of paper can have devastating consequences to a company as this may be all thieves need.

Another problem with using an in - house shredding system is the fact that whilst these confidential documents are waiting to be shredded, any number of people may get a chance to access this information. Whist any employer would like to think that they can trust their staff, unfortunately there are people out there who will do anything to make money. It would be easy for someone to simply steal the documents, photocopy them or make a note of the information. Before you know it your company could find themselves victims of identity theft and it would be virtually impossible to trace the source.

Destroying confidential documents really doesn't need to be a difficult task if you come up with a good system. However, it is no doubt the best thing any business can do in order to prevent sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.
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