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Marketing For Physicians

May 21, 2008
Marketing For Physicians

A doctor and his practice need advertisement just like any other business. The internet is a great resource for marketing for physicians. In an age of technology and electronic communication, a doctor's own web site is an ideal way to reach thousands, if not millions, of potential patients. In order to optimize a doctor's medical practice, advertising on the World Wide Web seems essential in today's society.

I, personally, surf the internet several times a day, searching for businesses or services I am currently in need of. A physician with a strong, confident website would certainly get my attention. Customizing your website is the key to setting yourself apart from all your peers and colleagues. Your website should stand out from the rest and make a statement of its own.

If you advertise your services on a national as well as a local level, you need search engine optimization or SEO.

The four basic steps to modifying your website include keyword research, competition analysis, page optimization and links and link building.

* Keyword Research - The more keywords you have for your website, the better your chances of having your site at the top of the list of a major search engine like Google or Yahoo. You will first need to do targeted keyword research. There are several ways to figure out what keywords people are using to locate their intended market.

* Competition Analysis - Take a look at your competition. Learn what they are doing to be at the top of the search engine. Check how many times a keyword is used in the website.

* Page Optimization - The title for the website is an important element in optimizing the page and drawing attention to it in the search engine.

* Links and Link Building - Building and creating links is another essential component to optimizing your web page. Linking with related business and services will direct more people to your website, even when they were not specifically looking for your services.

If I were searching for a doctor or any other business the first thing I would do would be to go to Google or Yahoo and conduct a search there. If there are a number of keywords that I can type in to locate your site, it will be much easier to access your website. It will also be more likely that your website link will be closer to the top of the search engine.

If you want to have success in your practice and draw in many prospective patients, you will want to have several keywords linked to your website. Another way to increase the flow of traffic to your website would be to link with colleagues and other related businesses. You could do this with other doctors as well without competing with them. for example, if you are a general practitioner, you could exchange links for your site with, say, a dentist. The links would be on each others sites and when a potential patient clicks on that link it would direct them to the other website. You would be working together to draw in patients for one another. What would be a better way to offer your services and to make the most of your partnership with colleagues and fellow physicians?
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