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What Is The Fastest Way To Make Money Online?

May 21, 2008
When I first thought of starting an online business I wanted to make money fast. Not tomorrow or in 3yrs, but right now.

Of course back then I didn't know anything about the Internet or what my first steps should've been in building an online business. Let alone building a profitable business and making money fast.

Now after having seen multiple ways of earning money and having a good idea of the basic foundations of making money online, I feel comfortable in explaining to you the fastest way in which to make money online.

#1: Paid Advertisement - This should come as no suprise to you. Traffic is the holy grail of the Internet. If you don't have traffic then you don't have money. It's just that simple. Because you are just starting you must use paid advertising to generate the needed traffic to make money. That old saying "It takes money to make money" is correct.

People who don't use paid advertisement to build traffic, have spent endless nights writing content to put on their website to get traffic organically or free from the search engines. It will take many months or even years to generate enough traffic organically, so that is not an option if you want to make money online fast.

There are multiple advertising sources that you could use to build traffic. You could use Ezine Ads but in most cases you will have to wait anywhere from 1 week to 1 month until your ad runs, and that is not fast.

You could use banner advertising, email advertising, classified advertising, article advertising, and on and on. But these advertising methods are not the fastest way to market. And I am trying to help you make money the fastest way possible.

So what is the fastest way to market and get traffic? It is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. You can sign up with a Google Adwords and have your campaign running within 30mins.

This is the quickest and fastest way to generate traffic to whatever you are going to sell. Which then brings us to #2...

#2: Hot Product - Now that you know the fastest way to get traffic, you'll need a hot product that will sell fast online.

What is the fastest selling product online, or atleast one of the fastest selling products online?

Well the truth is that there is a HUGE selection of products that will sell fast, but to help you out these products will mainly fall within one of the following categories:

A. Sex B. Health C. Money

These are the top three categories to pick products from. And to be even more specific, you will want to try and pick a product with a high residual value.

What I mean by residual value is instead of selling a ebook on eating healthy, you can sell a membership offering recipes, weight management, and a monthly newsletter. This way you'll get paid not just once, but every month the customer remains a member.

Or you can sell health products which are residual by nature. Once someone buys a bottle or box of pills they will purchase another bottle or box next month if they like it.

My favorite is money programs. Everyone wants to make some extra money. You obviously do, or you wouldn't have read this far into this message.

I have had great success with SFI (Six Figure Income). This is a very simple and easy program and I feel it is genuis.

For me it is the fastest way to make money online. In my first month of joining SFI I made 3 sales. Now you might be saying to yourself that is not much, but I wasn't even pushing SFI hard. I just threw the link on my website to see what would happen.

If you were to market SFI 100% then you could make some serious money. Not only that, but the SFI business has no limits to how much money that you can make. And because of its residual nature, in 2yrs you could be well into six figures.

So SFI is not only FAST but it's a business that can LAST.

Of course you don't have to choose SFI, but I feel it is the fastest way to make money online with a reputable company. And... It's free to join. So you have no risk.

Other than SFI, there are hundreds of affiliate programs that you can work with to make money. There are affiliate programs for just about any product that you can imagine. But you can see my favorites by visiting:

Best Affiliate Programs

#3: The know how - I know that you want to make money the fastest way possible and that's ok. But you don't want to lose money in the process. So it is extremely important that you learn the proper way to use Google adwords to advertise your product.

I am telling you this from my own terrible experience. I wasted over $600+ just trying to figure out how to use Google adwords on my own. This was the single largest mistake that I have ever made.

Instead of spending the $50 to get a great Google adwords instruction program and learn how to properly market my product. Instead I chose to flush $600 down the drain. My recommendation is: "Don't Do It!". Get some quality information on how to run Google Adwords. If you do this you will make 100X your investment back.

Believe me, this is the fastest way to make money online. Why? Because you won't have to go backwards in order to go forwards. You can simply trail forward to your money making goals.

#4: Continued Learning - The previous 3 steps will help you make money in what I believe is the fastest way possible. However you will learn quickly that making money online is a journey. You will need to learn new ways to improve your profits and double your money.

You don't have to spend any money expanding your knowledge because the Internet is loaded with endless information. Just go get it.
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