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The Smart And Easy Way To Start Your Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
You have chosen the product or service you want to offer online and then comes another hard part. You should have your own web site to do business online. But you are afraid to write your own sales letter or even a landing page. Well, here is one simple formula that you can use in developing your profitable internet business.

It is quite simple, really. So simple that its simplicity is often overlooked by most people.

You just simply need to identify and recognize which internet business owner is already making money online or doing what you want to do, and the next thing you should do is model YOUR Internet Business after his.

It is just that SIMPLE!

Yes, you are allowed to copy his or her internet business system or conduct of business.

If you are wondering if it is legal on the side of the law, think about it: does anyone hold any form of copy right to a business model?

Don't get me wrong here. Do not start to copy and paste. See it as a kind of rewrite process. Keep the keywords, the heart and soul and then repackage the whole thing. This happens all the time.

Having said that, you can imitate an internet business owner or marketer who is already doing and achieving the kind of profitable results you so desire.

You can imitate his conduct of business. You can imitate his internet business system.

If he throws in bonuses each time he makes an endorsement, you can do the same. Each time you endorse a product or service as an affiliate, you can throw in your own special offers.

If this internet marketer's response rate to customer service is 24 hours, you can do the same or even better, under 12 hours.

If this internet marketer is making most of his money from list building then what is stopping you from building a profitable mailing list?

While this may sound absurdly simple, you can set up your internet business in the exact or almost similar manner and even sell the same product, assuming you have the rights to sell the same product, of course.

However, you are actually better off selling ANOTHER product, and preferably in a different market using the same internet business model or business practice.

It makes sense to model after a system that is already working that there is nearly no need for you to re-invent the wheel.

Why rediscover the same mistakes when you can save time and effort (and money as well) on doing what is already proven?

That is food for thought on your pursuit in internet marketing.
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Kurt Naulaerts and Jeffrey Shaw built their knowledge of online marketing by studying at home at The Online University . Almost 1.000 video tutorials cover every corner of internet marketing.
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