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HR Training For Hiring

May 22, 2008
It is essential for any recruitment specialist to have HR training for hiring. This ensures that the processes every candidate will undergo are standard and uniform. This avoids any subjectivity in choosing employees and promotes the concept of equal opportunity employment. This process, of course, should practice non-discrimination in terms of age, sex, race, disability, and sexual orientation.

There are several key steps that a recruitment specialist should know about HR training for hiring. These are called the Employment Process Steps. Although these may vary from one company to another, the end result is almost the same and the processes share many common things. The key elements in the hiring process are: Announcement of the Vacant Position, Applicant's Evaluation, Interview, and Hiring for the Position.

Announcement of the Vacant Position

Whenever a vacancy is announced, clarity on the job description should be practiced. It is important that the job announcement or the invitation for the position should contain what the person would do, should he be hired to do the job. There has to be transparency in the expectations as to what the scope of responsibilities will be. Another thing that the announcement should contain is the exact title of the position and for how long the application period will be. This sets a timeline for all interested applicants and helps them prepare for the application. The minimum skill requirements should also be clearly specified. This will help the human resources department reduce the number of random applicants and applicants who are not qualified.

Applicant's Evaluation

After collecting all the resumes of the applicants, one should take the time to "scrub" them. This means there has to be someone diligent enough to read through the credentials of all who applied and ensure that they meet the specifications of the vacant position. In many big companies, it is a known issue that there are many applicants who do not meet the requirements and yet they submit their intent to apply. As a result, they get hired for the position. In relation to this, one bitter applicant would squeal that the person who got hired should be brought back to his old position because he has a warning memo, which is a disqualification. In essence, this is the HR's fault.


During the interview, the HR should come prepared as the applicant has also come prepared. The set of questions should be ready and these questions should be focused on the person, his capabilities, and his skills. If the interviewer is apparently not ready, the interview session will not be fruitful as the applicant will also have nothing much to say unless asked. This undermines what is on his head and what he can do for the job.

Hiring for the Position

The last step for HR training for hiring is the actual hiring for the position. When hiring for the position, the qualifying applicant should receive a clear statement of a job offer and whether he will accept the job or not. Once both parties have come to an agreement, then the job training may ensue.

These are only few of the hiring processes that one should know. There are many more things that a recruitment specialist should know about the HR training for hiring.
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