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Little Known Formula For Repeat Business

May 22, 2008
Howdy Friends!

My pal David Garfinkel asked me to present on a teleseminar called "Repeat Customer Profit Bonanza!" (I guess he must have known how much repeat business I get... the cat is out of the bag now...)

I guess it was "unconcious competence, because I didn't have a clue why I got so much.

I thought long and hard as to why I was so successful at it... and you know what? I was stunned I had the formula all along. (it's so similar to copyriting)

Wanna know my secret?

Okay... I'll share. I boiled it down to a simple formula.

It's such an easy formula, master it and the rewards are golden.

1- Results.

How else can you gain the confidence of a customer than with trust and respect. That's why they pay you right? When you deliver - people expect it to continue. So you need to make certain they get quality from you.

The second thing you need to nail is COMMUNICATION.

Next, you need a dose of good old fashioned COMMUNICATION.

When you communicate, you build your relationships, find new needs and show new solutions that your customers don't know you even offer! It works online or offline, keep the communication flowing and make sure you aren't always pitching in every communication.

It can be as easy as a phone call, or an email with a tasty tidbit of info they need. But in the end, you become the go-to guy or gal.

Pile on some extra value and see what happens. YOU become more valuable!

When you provide extra value, you become a center of influence, you become the go-to guy (or gal!)

In fact, give them value in areas they won't expect. It widens their perception of your talents.

Don't be in the mindset of selling and then going away. Do more then your customers would expect.

Don't be one of those people who only do what they need to do to get by... get outside of that mindset.

Customer service on the web sucks. At least most of it does. Why not go one further and provide warm fuzzy customer care? You'll instantly be different than everyone else... and your customers will LOVE you for it.

I hate the phrase customer service. I want my clients to be CARED FOR. Big difference in my book. Early in my career, this brought up it's own problems (like needy, clingy clients.) But after I learned better how to choose my clients, it works like gangbusters. When you combine it with value that's a winning combination.

I love the way Mark Joyner takes care of his customers. And I would guess it's made them even more rabid fans!

Mark Joyner gets it. He has 24/7 live customer care.

Why is that?


Because he knows that mad customers tell at least 3 friends, but happy customers tell even more.

How is that for a high level of service?

It's a true win-win.

Taking care of EXISTING customers is the cheapest and most effective way to build your business PERIOD! But many marketers see it as "make the sale - goodbye sucka".

When your highest cost is acquiring a NEW customer, taking care of EXISTING customers is the cheapest and most effective way to build your business PERIOD!

Put the formula to the task and watch your business explode.


Million Dollar Mike
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