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Non-Fiction Information Products Are Hot Commodities Online

May 22, 2008
As a seller of non-fiction information products, you can build an empire of profits targeting a single niche of consumers. Or, branch out and offer solutions to a multitude of people who need guidance.

While the print publishing industry only gives authors a small portion of the proceeds after agent and publishing house fees, if you sell information products on the 'net, you'll get to charge more and keep almost 100% of the profits for yourself.

Typically, a non-fiction book at Barnes and Noble would cost the consumer an average of $9.95 to $29.95. But when you're selling information products ready for instant download on the 'net, you get to price it higher, because the selling point usually begins at $37 and rises all the way to the top at a $97 price point.

Plus, your overhead costs are low. Even if you outsource the creation of your information product, you're still able to recoup the investment after a short period of sales. You never pay for things like shipping and handling because everything is done electronically. It doesn't matter if your customer is next door or halfway around the world.

Why are consumers rapidly downloading information products? This is the age of high-tech, ultra fast development. Your readers may be sitting in an airport, accessing your eBook from their laptop. It doesn't just have to be a written eBook, you could also create: audio eBooks and videos tutorials. With the busy life styles of people today, they easier you make it for them, the better your results will be.

They want information now, not the next business day. If their child is up sick crying from colic at 3:30 in the morning, a mom can't drive to a bookstore to get a self-help book - but she can log onto her personal computer and download your eBook, putting your advice into action within mere minutes.

Another reason information products are hot commodities online is because they often come with ironclad money-back guarantees, giving the consumer an added spoonful of trust. One of the most important features, beside the content, is to take all the risk away from the consumer. So always include a no-hassle money back guarantee.

If you create info products for sale yourself, then you want to make sure you produce top-quality deliverables and urge your readers near the end to start taking action with what they've learned to keep refund requests low and demand for your products high.

You can also provide tools and resources along the way, these could be free or paid. Of course when suggesting these tools, make sure you have tried and tested them as well. They could also be information packed sites, how to articles or blogs. You always need to keep the content and quality at the highest level possible.
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