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Mind And Money: From Poor To Rich

May 22, 2008
Poverty consciousness, the mindset of the poor, is more than just having no money and bad finances. It's a set of behaviors and attitudes that are buried deep in the mind that influence a person's entire financial situation. Have you ever heard the expression, "I have no cash, but I'm not poor." This is exactly what they are talking about.

People find themselves in a situation where they have no money or less money than they need. This state creates bad feelings and emotions, which create negative thoughts.

"I'll always be broke." "I'll never get a job." "Why do they have more money than me?" This is the financial sickness that is responsible for the majority of the poverty in America. Having personally been in this situation feeling that there is no way out, I can sympathize with those who suffer from this disease.

I have been through business school and ran my own business, and I found that cure is to let go and learn how to make money by reading books and the internet. The easiest place to see the difference between those with knowledge and those without is to look at the difference between the rich and the poor.

Professionally I have worked with many homeless people over the years while doing workforce development, helping people get jobs. I have also been fortunate enough to have close friends who are rich.

Trust me, rich people aren't born special, they don't have better luck than poor people. In many cases rich and poor people have the same backgrounds. The only difference is that rich people have financial literacy and poor people don't.

If you do research about making money you'll very quickly run into the belief emotional factor. The teachings say "if you have your dream and believe in your dream with all your heart, you'll become rich." I can say from experience that there is no one who desires money more than homeless people, and they are still homeless.

So now that we know that the "desire and get rich" model doesn't work, the question is: What can I do to make money? The key is education about financial literacy. Learn how to read balance sheets and income statements; learn about markets, supply, and demand; learn about investments and how to manage people.

However the key to really put the rubber to the road and begin your personal journey toward riches and financial freedom is learning about leverage and how you can use it. Probably the most accessible form of leverage in the world today for the purpose of making money is the internet.

It's everywhere, it's cheap, and you can make tons of money all through the computer screen. The one area that I would focus on is marketing on the web. Learning the skill of marketing on the web can provide anyone, in any situation the tools to make money, a lot of money.

From search engines, to building a website, to link campaigns, etc, learning how to market on the web takes the average Joe (or Jane) and gives them the power of a large corporate marketing department. Unfortunately when I looked through the shelves of the local Boston bookstores, I found very little on this subject.

But the internet has enough information for anyone to get started. The key is, understanding the concept of leverage. Leverage is the ability to do more and more with less and less. This principle can be applied anywhere, from garden work, to real estate, to cooking, but it's essential in business.

Leverage is what rich people know that poor people don't. Leverage lets me do 10,000 hours of work while you only can do one hour. For example if I wish to talk to 100,000 people, for whatever reason: I need a job, I'm selling a product, I have an opportunity, I need some help, you get the point, it would take a massive budget and staff to get that done offline.

With the internet, I can accomplish the same results with the click of a button (maybe a few buttons and some typing) through an electronic magazine (ezine). No I'm not selling ezines, but my point is that for anyone who is committed to making money the right way, leveraging the internet is the only way that makes sense.

The difference between the rich and the poor is simply a matter of knowledge. Learn financial literacy, learn about leverage, and learn to leverage the internet. Break your poor mindset and it's only a matter of time before your riches will find you.
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Ibsahu Ma'akmaha is a healer and entrepreneur, who has been helping people achieve there health and wealth goals for 10 years. For more information visit: http://www.netmarketcenter.com
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