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Could Living a Life With No Complaints Help Your Sales?

May 22, 2008
I attended the funeral of a friend a couple of weeks ago. Orville Jones was an older gentleman who had lived a very happy and full life. It was more of a celebration of a life lived well than a mourning of loss. I came away wanting to be a better man.

There were several speakers and they all talked about his cheerful countenance, his constant smile and a noticed aura. Everyone listening could relate because we all had been witnesses of the magic of his personality.

One speaker talked about never hearing Orville complain. I want my friends to be able to say the same, but they would be lying. I have done my share of complaining. I hope to do less. I hope to become an Orville Jones.

I have tried at different times throughout my life to not complain. I would do a great job for a couple days, maybe even a week or two, but then I would revert back and find something to complain about. The fact is, we can always find something to complain about if we look for it. So, we try to stop looking. We try to put a positive spin on things. We try to fake it with a smile, but all our attempts make us feel like we are just holding our breath.

Why is it so hard for us to stop complaining, but so easy for Orville?

A speaker at his funeral figured out Orville's secret. He said, Orville Jones didn't try to not complain. He didn't bite his tongue whenever he was tempted to complain. Orville Jones simply could not recognize anything to complain about. WOW! To live with such optimism that you can't even recognize anything to complain about. That would make for an incredible life.

We need to develop an "attitude of gratitude" that is so real, so compelling that we simply can't recognize anything to complain about. I remember more than once watching Orville walk into a dark room and flip on the light switch and then exclaim, a miracle simply a miracle. You see Orville grew up with no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and a well that had no pump - just a bucket on the end of a rope. And even after decades of having the modern conveniences, he still marveled at them. He was just so thankful to live in such marvelous times.

That is a vast contrast to many of our houses where complaints run rampant when the cable is out, or the Internet is down, or, heaven forbid, we have to get up to change the channel because the remote is lost somewhere inside the couch or recliner. What do we really have to complain about?

Do you want to increase your sales? STOP COMPLAINING! Be grateful and develop an optimism that will guide you to increased opportunities. Then take action! You are sure to prosper!
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