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Leadership Competence Coaching: Be A Leader

May 22, 2008
We often define power as "the ability to influence and change the course of events." In the context of leadership, power is the most important element for human progress - but it is also the most distrusted, because it has sometimes been misused. Power is vital for effective implementation, so any organization that wants to incorporate its strategies successfully must choose leaders who truly understand sources of power and can use it appropriately.

Leadership competence coaching creates competent leaders who can mange with any one of four different styles as the need arises. Commanding leadership gives orders, and provides rewards or punishments as needed to achieve the desired goals. Shaping leadership connects with its subordinates on a personal level and this connection creates loyalty. Persuading leadership and inducing leadership negotiate with the subordinates and draw out a self-understanding of the need to achieve the desired goals.

A business leader can learn to be a negotiator by taking leader competence training. Negotiations in any organization involve several things. Any business leader should learn the right approach to negotiation in an organization. The business leader's primary goal should be to reach agreements that are fair to all parties involved.

As an executive coach, it is very imperative as the leader to communicate with its employees and teammates. Even though it is important to communicate in written form when it comes to formal mission statements, it is much more influential to communicate verbally rather than a typed letter.

Listening is the most important communication skill. One who hopes to direct others must first listen to them. Leadership competence coaches understand this need, and will encourage many forms of communication in the organization they are coaching. One way of listening that is commonly taught is to repeat the other person's words to be sure that you are hearing what they are saying. The first speaker must approve what you say you have heard before you are allowed to respond with your own ideas.

Thus, a business leader's actions should foster strong business practices to follow. Which means that the leader needs to follow up their words with actions that demonstrate their commitment to the strategy. They should be available to administrate, strategize, plan, transform, and problem solve. Leadership competence coaching shows the leader how to do these things and so much more as well.

Power requires the ability to influence people and affect the course of future events and is essential if an organization wishes to see its proposals applied. An organization relies on leaders who understand the uses of power and act in a responsible and ethical manner. Leadership competence coaching teaches techniques that work with the proposed leader to make them more aware of their surroundings, having them adjust to different situations while guiding their followers. These techniques teach a. Business leaders how to alter their negotiation approach based on the current situation. b. Executive coaches the importance of listening.
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