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Foreign Business In The US and What About Europe

May 22, 2008
I have been asked many times about how does one do a foreign business in the USA. Well other than the original inhabitants of the USA everyone there at one time or another was a foreigner! The first thing which amazed me when i opened a business in the US was how easy it was. For starters for my social security number all i had to do was go to one of their post offices and it was completed in twenty minutes.

The land of the free is just that, free enterprise rules in the US. It welcomes direct foreign investment and business enterprises, who ever you are. Foreign investors are able to organize their business activities in the United States in a number of various ways.

However there are various factors to consider and you need to be organised. Your particular business venture depends on a number of legal and tax considerations and making sure you have professional to fill out the required paperwork. However even with the paper mountain you may have to fill in foreign business in the USA is welcomed.

Well, what about Europe? Europe took note of the US example on doing free trade as trade in Europe at one time had so many restrictions and barriers that businesses gave up trying to meet the various criteria of the various nations. One of the reasons the EU (European community) was formulated was because of the free enterprise example of the USA. European business school and the best international business colleges regularly teach the USA trade model. International trade logistics can be a nightmare once goverments start to organize them!

A foreign business can enter the US market by selling goods or services to non related US buyers. An example is online foreign currency buying. Once your business has developed you can go on to appoint US-based agent or distributor to market its goods or services in the United States. This can be done in a number of ways. While developing your foreign business, it will be important to develop credibility when it come to your business credit rating in the USA.

One great vechicle for developing your business is via USA business directories and tradeshows. You can develop various tradeshow promotional items and tradeshow giveaways to further promote your business enterprise.

This initial start via agents may lead you to a direct presence in the United States. This will obviously be dictated by prudent business planning on your or your advisors part. Once again always remain open to the direction you want your business interests to take i.e. deciding to establish a direct presence in the United States, a foreign business should then determine whether to conduct business independently or in partnership with a US firm.

International trade logistics can be broadly termed as exchange of goods and services between two countries or across two international boundaries. For example britons were trading with the Romans long before Rome establised itself threr for a few centuries. Foreign trade between nations existed from ancient times and will continue as long as the human race are here. It has a great affect on society, some say good and some say bad. Anyway long may it continue.
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The author has Foreign business in USA , countries in the European union and loves international trade logistics. He sees a bright future for international business colleges teaching free trade.
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