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Tips to Selling At a Party

May 22, 2008
If you don't have a merchandise catalogue, consider making one of your own. A valuable and easy-to-follow manual on "How to Prepare Your Own Catalogue" is currently available. Another manual that will be of special interest to you is the "Close out Merchandise Money Making Manual". Both these manuals are available to buy.

While we're on the idea of catalogues, we'd like to point out that a lot of Party Plan Merchandisers are also dealers for the extra-income book catalogue, "Unique Books." They feel that almost everyone is interested in extra income ideas, and the Unique Books catalogue has a wide selection of reports and manuals describing supplemental income opportunities, leaving one of these book catalogues with guests at the party, results in an ongoing flow of book orders for months afterwards.

Back to the Party Plan, about a half hour before your guests are due to begin arriving, and turn on all the lights in the room where the party is to be held. This will give the room a bright, warm feeling conducive to a party kind of atmosphere. And by all means, be sure to turn off all the radios, stereo and TV sets. Eliminate any and all noises from other rooms in your home that might distract the attention of your guests.

Every party should be planned, and follow a prescribed format or agenda. This is because without a plan, it will just be a gathering of people wasting time at your home instead of theirs. You must have a plan to know what to do next in order to achieve the desired results. Having a "pattern" is also the easiest way to teach others to duplicate your success, and the idea of following a successful formula is a proven method of making the most sales in the least time.

Phase one is the greeting and get-acquainted time slot - about thirty minutes. The hostess greets the guests as they arrive, prints a name tag for each, introduces them around, gives them a catalogue, points out the refreshments, and leads them into conversation with the other guests.

The second phase is the "game-playing" portion of your part. This phase is used to relax everybody and get them involved in the party. It should last about 15 to 20 minutes.

Next comes the merchandise presentation by the hostess, who shows and describes each item on display. If you have jewellery available, ask different guests to try on particular items and show the others what these articles look like in use. The length of time spent on this phase of the party will depend in large part on how much merchandise you have on display, but generally, you shouldn't spend more than about 20 minutes showing and describing your merchandise. Then give your guest s about 10 to 15 minutes to personally inspect and try on the items that have aroused their interest.

You should mingle and converse with the guests during this time period in order to answer specific questions or explain the possible uses of an item, where it might look good in the buyer's home, and any interesting titbits relating to where an item came from, how it was made, or the satisfaction of an earlier buyer.
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