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The Best Process for Making Money with Newspapers

May 22, 2008
Follow the same collection routes, at least once every two weeks. Once you've got the routine working well, you'll be ready to hire a couple of high school or college students to help, perhaps with another car and trailer.

The best way to pay your help is with a percentage of the tonnage you sell. And then too, once you have it all together, you'll want to go with a truck or trailer that allows you to haul a couple of tons of paper per load.

It's important that you make regular rounds, calling on the same houses regularly. After about six months of this, you'll be ready to open a local recycling depot.

This simply means taking the accumulation of paper out of your home or garden shed and moving it to a business location. Because of your advertising in the newspapers, and the sign on your truck or trailer, people will be calling you during the week to come and pick up paper they have ready for you. Also, your neighbours will very likely be dropping by with armloads of paper for you from time to time, as well. Specifically, these are the reasons you'll need storage space to store the paper in your garage or other storage area until you have enough to load up and take to the recycling plant.

One of the best locations for your recycling depot is an abandoned or closed down service station, or perhaps a vacant lot or even a corner of a large shopping center parking area. You'll need a scale (you can rent or lease one of these for a small amount), and a quick set-up tent or large truck. What you want to do is establish a location where people can come to you. They bring their newspapers; you weigh what they've brought and pay them a penny a pound for newspapers and two cents a pound for cardboard boxes. You can hire someone to man this center for you during the day, or perhaps only open between 4 and 6 o'clock in the after-noon. Advertise your hours, and be dependable, so that people can count on you.

To establish your location, you'll have to check with the owner or management, and agree not to interfere with their regular mode of business. If you do go to a shopping center parking lot, sell them on the idea that your recycling depot - clean and neat - will actually bring more people into the shopping center on a regular basis. The important thing always is to establish yourself in the best possible location for the least amount of money from your pocket.

Even though you have a collection depot, you'll still want to continue your week end collection rounds. But with a collection depot, you can hire other people to do the driving, knock on doors, make the collections and transfer their loads into the depot facility. If it's a big truck or trailer, you'll be selling ten to fifteen tons of paper when ever you make your trips to the recycling plant.

Another important thing you should think about doing is getting the whole community involved with you. Get them to thinking about recycling paper and selling it to you. Run some promotions; work for free publicity; and be conspicuous. Don't be embarrassed; everyone is aware of the need for recycling everything that can be recycled. And you'll be admired as someone with the ambition to make it happen.
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