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Boost Your Business with an eBay Store

May 22, 2008
Setting up an eBay business is a very easy process, which makes it one of the easiest businesses to get into. If you have an eBay account and a Paypal account, all you need to do is start setting up listings and selling your products. It is also beneficial to take pictures of the products you are selling. Once your products grow in popularity, you will find that it is very easy to sell your products on eBay. As your business becomes more profitable, you can then roll your profits into making more listings. After you start making multiple listings, however, you might want to consider starting up an eBay store.

Before opening an eBay store, you should take several things into consideration. For example, you really shouldn't consider opening an eBay store unless you are making over $100 in sales each month. This is because it currently costs $15.95 per month to start up a basic eBay store. With this membership, you will receive the most basic features that eBay provides. As your business expands, you can look into upgrading to a higher category.

The basic package still offers many benefits, however, such as providing you with a store home page. With the store home page, you can receive an unlimited number of pages on which you can list your products.

The benefits you enjoy will increase as you move up in store levels. For example, you will gain the ability to customize your pages and you will receive more pages when you reach higher levels. You will also receive access to Selling Manager Pro when you reach higher levels. This feature is an expanded version of the Selling Manager you receive at the lower levels.

After you open an eBay store, your store will gain exposure by being occasionally listed in the "Shop eBay Stores" section. With the basic setup, your store won't be exposed in this way but you will still gain some exposure. Once you move to higher levels, however, you will receive more exposure. You will also be able to use tools such as traffic reporting and advanced market research. Therefore, if you intend to sell products on eBay in order to make some extra cash, opening up an eBay store is a good idea.
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