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Introducing Progressive Email Marketing, Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It Now. Part 1

May 22, 2008
What is Progressive email marketing, progressive simply means making progress toward better conditions, and that is simply what we will be doing. Email marketing is a great way to put across what is lovingly called the one time offer. Basically put once someone has bought something from you, or are going through the buying process, it is a great time to try to sell them something else. A one-time offer is a way of convincing your customer to buy on the premise that this is a special offer, usually discounted on with excellent bonuses that will NEVER come their way again. If they do not buy this time they will not get chance to again. Ever.

The more dubious readers among you may assume that the one time offer will actually always be available because a sale is a sale after all, and there is no doubt that this goes on, you get an email offering you an OTO only to find out that its actually available to everyone and anyone.

This does not instil confidence in the marketer and it is not recommended but of course it goes on. Now an OTO is usually presented during the sales process. You press the buy button and either just before or just after you complete the sale you are redirected to another page, this is progressive email marketing, the new page offers you a related product or upsell or whatever as a one time only offer. I use them myself to great effect.

However they are not as widely used in email marketing as they could be, and I think a lot of marketers are missing sales because of it.

If you offer a genuine OTO, this is what you are saying to your customer:

1. It will cost much more later

2. They won't get the free, juicy bonuses if they buy the product later

3. And they will never have the option to buy that offer, at that price, or with those bonuses, again.

One thing to consider, though, is the possible attitudes your one-time offer might generate with your new customers. They might consider the typical OTO urgent tone and, Do This Right Now message to be aggressive and offensive since they just bought your product or signed up to your email course. With progressive email marketing methods it does not mean being sneaky and cheating people, So what I do is send an email (already set in my follow-up list so it goes out automatically after a sale) that says something like, thanks for your sale. As a thank you for purchasing I would like to offer you an opportunity that will not be repeated.

This works very well because its not aggressive or dishonest and takes a gentler tone that is not invasive. Best of all its automated, requires only some effort to set up.
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