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7 Great Sites For Unlimited Video Uploading

May 22, 2008
Almost everyone knows about YouTube, but if you want you videos to get the most exposure then check out this list of 7 sites for unlimited video uploading. Besides the coverage you will receive from your videos, check out You Tube (through google ad sense), Revver, and Opcot for their revenue sharing options. Currently all 7 sites are free to sign up and use their services.

YouTube available at www.youtube.com, is the most widely known of the video sharing sites. YouTube is now owned by Google who purchased the social media site within 1 year of it's launch. Besides just uploading video, YouTube has a robust interaction system allowing other members to rate and comment on your videos, as well as dedicated channels for regular video producers. The downside to YouTube is the inability to download videos. YouTube specializes in video uploading and sharing.

Google Video available at www.video.google.com is currently in it's beta stage. Despite buying YouTube, Google is venturing into the video hosting arena with it's own brand. The best feature of Google Video is that the allow video files of any length and size. Google video specializes in video uploading and sharing, but is one part of Google's many services.

Tinypic available at www.tinypic.com follows the same basic guidelines, but also allows unlimited photo hosting. Tinypic is a Photobucket company and promotes using there hosting services to easily place photos and video on other sites or blogs. Tinypic specializes in video and picture uploading and sharing.

Yahoo Video available at www.video.yahoo.com has the same basic options as YouTube, but with links to all of the other Yahoo services spread throughout the site. Yahoo video specializes in video uploading and sharing, but is one part of Yahoo's many services.

Revver available at www.revver.com is less popular at the moment, but is stepping into the revenue sharing field. The Revver videos are embedded with advertising, and the revenue is split between the video producer, Revver, and the person sharing the video. Revver specializes in video uploading and sharing.

Opcot available at www.opcot.com is just out of beta testing and has the same basic functions wrapped into a social network. Like Tinypic, Opcot creates instant widgets to help you place your videos on other sites and blogs, and includes revenue sharing.. Opcot specializes in social networking with video uploading and sharing as a feature.

Crackle (formerly grouper) available at www.crackle.com can be hard to navigate, but is rich with options including the ability to download Crackle videos to your pc, iPod, or PSP. Crackle specializes in video uploading and sharing.

This list will get you a good start on video sharing, for more video hosting sites try a Google or Yahoo search for 'video uploading', 'video sharing', or 'video hosting'.
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