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Sure-Fire Ways To Succeed In The Forex Market

May 22, 2008
Mega profits are possible in forex trading, and if you get really good you can make a good living from your trades.


When you trade in the forex market you take advantage of margins, leverage and the low minimum amount required to start trading. These factors combined make the foreign exchange market ideal for individual investors on low budgets.

The problem is a large amount of traders never make money and most lose all of their trading budget within the first year.

But why?

The problem comes down to 6 main factors:

1 - Lack of research. Trading successfully in the forex market is not easy. You can pick up the basics pretty quickly, but mastery is difficult. Successful traders make it look very easy, but in reality predicting the ebb and flow of currency prices is a complex task.

Being a small trader you are at a disadvantage, you don't have the same resources as the big financial institutions, who can have teams of people following trends and analysing every economic indicator. You've got to do all the grunt work yourself. So you need to make sure you spend plenty of time learning and practising with demo accounts before you ever consider going 'live'.

2 - Crazy expectations. A lot of new traders hear about forex trading and the 'easy' money being made and jump straight in head first, losing all in the process before they realised where they were.

Forex trading has never been a get rick quick money making scheme. Hard work, research, planning and a strong head are needed. With all these factors met, you're still going to get losing trades. Every good trader loses, the trick is knowing when to get out, and when to stay in.

3 - Poor focus. You can potentially trade with a lot of different currencies, so when you first get going focus only the popular currencies, the US Dollar, the Euro and The Yen. For every new currency you get into, you have extra data to process and analyse to identify trends. It's much easier and better to focus on a few and really dig deep into the data than to spread yourself thin.

4 - Taking a gamble. Don't try to beat the market without doing thorough research. It doesn't work. Never trade on a hunch if you want to keep your house. You'll see the occasional person who does this, wins a few traders in the short term, gets over confident, then gets annihilated further down the line. Don't gamble, don't take risks you can't afford to lose.

5 - The biggie. Failing to have a trading system. Trading systems are ten to the dozen, you can find them everywhere (even on ebay), and there are lots to choose from. Some are free, but the best ones you'll have to pay for. Find a system that is right for you, based on you available capital, 'your style', and most importantly your goals. If you don't have a system you may as well be playing Russian roulette.

6 - Failure to stick to your chosen trading system. There's absolutely no point in having a trading system if you don't follow it through in both good and bad times. As with most things it's easier said than done. You may get greedy and take a stupid risk, or you may get cold feet and exit too early. You have to block out your emotions, use your system to identify your entry and exit points. Don't ignore them or you put yourself at risk of losing out on a huge upturn or being taken out by a trade that goes horribly wrong.

The big 'dogs', the best traders, understand that timing your exit point from a trade is as important as entering at the right time. Use your system, use your brains and leave your emotions and ego at the door.
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