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How Fixings Are Marketed Through Advertising

May 22, 2008
When it comes to buying large quantities of fixings for a building firm or furniture manufacturer, prospective clients will want to choose a supplier who they can forge a long term relationship with, to develop a reliable supply chain. Making contacts and negotiating cheaper deals is a great way of reducing company overheads and maintaining high standards previously set. Fixings are small items, sold in large bulk quantities and when building a house, a building firm will require a vast number. Buying items on an ad-hoc basis quickly gets expensive, and overall costs soon rise, which is why it is important to develop strategic supply chains who will sell in bulk and cheaply.

When looking for the right sort of fixings company to forge a long-term relationship with, you should be seeking one which provides a clear advantage over their competitors. This could simply be the quality of the fixings they make and supply, or it could be that their customer service is excellent and you feel their attention to you and your company is the type of company you want to deal with long-term. The size of the company is important, because a larger company will more than likely have larger resources and are unlikely to run out of products you need.

A way to determine the size of a company is to look at the amount of advertising it buys in media outlets. Print, on-line and television advertising are all formats in which large multi-national companies seek to advertise to spread the information about their products and services. A good fixings company will put out a large print media campaign to ensure that every trade paper and magazine carries the company details and a selection of the deals which they offer. Advertising will entice new customers into the shop floor and encourage them to spend their money on the best deals of the moment.

Even smaller fixings manufacturers will spend a good portion of money on advertising in the local area to bring in new builders and merchants to support the shops. Small adverts placed in community papers could generate enough word of mouth interest to really make a difference in the company's profits. Strategic local advertising is a great way of bringing in new customers and when looking to develop a long term supplier relationship, you should really pay attention to how much money they are spending on spreading information about the products and prices that they offer.

With the way the modern fixings market is swamped with competition and different options, it is sometimes easier to break down what a company has to offer in order to make a good choice. Expenditure on advertising is only one area which should be looked into, but it is a good way of seeing how serious a company is. If they are prepared to spend big on securing their future business, then it is an indication of the type of company they are and the service you are likely to receive.
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