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The Importance Of Good Customer Service When Buying Fixings In-Store

May 22, 2008
We have all been in the unfortunate situation of being in the middle of assembling a product we have bought and are looking forward to using, when we realise that we are missing vital fixings which we need to put the product together. It is very frustrating and you need to pack everything back together, lug it back into the car and then drive back to the shop and return it. Most companies have a representative for returns and damages and the staff manning the desk will be experts in offering not only good customer service, but also appropriate action and solutions to sort out your problems.

Returning a defective item can be a stressful experience. Not only is it disappointing to have something you have spent money not perform as expected, but it also wastes some of your valuable time returning items which have been sold without the appropriate fixings already included in the pack, as you would ordinarily expect. Good customer service providers will always take your situation seriously and provide a first class service to you to ensure that you don't need to return to the store again with a problem. The level to which these employees are trained is very high because retailers pride themselves on ensuring that the customers always receive the service and products they expect. Employees are seen as ambassadors of the company and have to live up to the standards set by senior management and this will be reflected in the service you are provided with when returning an item because of a lack of proper fixings.

While it is a frustrating situation to be involved in for a customer, it is an ideal opportunity for the employees to utilise everything they have been taught about customer service and how to manage and solve problems. As expected, most customer service staff will replace the missing fixings and maybe offer a partial refund. However, you may find yourself challenged about the missing fixings. In this situation, the customer service staff may not offer to replace the missing parts and instead ask you to purchase them separately. If there is a good reason for rejecting your request of a replacement, like the fixings need to be bought separately, a good staff member would help you in finding the appropriate items to enable you to feel looked after and valued as a customer.

All in all, whatever your reason for not being satisfied with your product, you should expect to be served by polite and knowledgeable staff members, who have the very highest customer service training. The end result should be that you walk away from the shop with the correct product in your hands and all of the relevant fixings to make the product work efficiently. The shop management should be hoping that the customer service you have received will be enough to make you happy to return to them for future business, and to speak well about the store to other people.
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