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6 Top 'Music Downloading' Stats

May 22, 2008
Music is being distributed and downloaded quicker and more efficiently than ever before, allowing the consumer to get their music instantly without having to travel to the store or wait for it to be delivered. It also makes it possible to obtain the music that you like, rather than having to buy an entire album.

6 top 'music downloading' stats

1. File sharing not bad for artists

Only 28% of the artists surveyed in a report called "Artists, Musicians and the Internet" believe that file sharing is a major threat to the industry. This is in direct conflict with the official stance of the record companies. 43% agreed that "file sharing services aren't really bad for artists, since they help to promote and distribute an artist's work to a broad audience."

2. Lawsuits don't help

A study by Pew Research revealed that 60% of interviewed musicians and songwriters do not believe that the RIAA's lawsuits against file sharers will benefit artists. Furthermore, 35% believe that free music downloading has helped them, 37% believe it's had no effect, and only 5% believe it has impaired their careers. Of those surveyed, 83% have provided free samples of their music online.

3. What's the problem?

65% of adults believe that music downloading will increase in the future. 59% say there is nothing wrong with it and would most likely do it, with only 17% of adults claiming to have reduced their file sharing activities due to fear of legal consequences.

4. Sharing will continue

In a survey on the NME (New Musical Express) website involving over 1000 readers, 75% said that they would continue to use file sharing networks on the Internet. This is despite the UK music industry threatening to take legal action against persistent song-sharers.

In a response to the record company's claim that 'illegitimate downloading damages CD sales', 90% of polled readers said that downloading didn't stop them buying music, with 85% not believing that downloading damaged artists.

5. Number of shared tracks reduced

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) has released their own statistics on downloading music that show the number of music tracks available on file sharing networks is down 20% since 2003 when it reached a high of 1.1 billion.

6. Sharers spend more

Those who buy music in addition to file sharing spend on average three times as much as those who tend to avoid digital music completely, and 84% of people who regularly engage in music downloading also claim to purchase their music from a store or music site.

File sharers also spend an average of $188 on music every year, while music site customers account for only $131. Sales from music downloading this year is expected to reach $3.3 billion.
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