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5 Top 'Movie Downloading' Stats

May 22, 2008
The vast majority of movies are watched in digital format, which is nothing new as the major shift from analogue to digital came over ten years ago with the development of the DVD. Now with digital, satellite & cable companies can transmit far more entertainment to our homes than ever before.

5 top 'movie downloading' stats

1. Movies bigger than music

The market research group 'BigChampagne' estimates that there are at least 10 million people logged on to a P2P network at any one time, and of those, around 20% download one full length movie every month. The majority of P2P traffic comes from files over 100MB in size, indicating that users are downloading the larger movie, games and software files more than the smaller music MP3s.

20% of Internet users view movie clips, music videos and sport's segments online, while 28% watch regular TV shows, and 19% watch live newscasts on mobile phones or other portable devices.

2. As popular as ever

Of all broadband users, 56% of those who download movies do not think they are likely to stop any time soon, and of non-downloaders, 17% believe they will start before long. Korea is known to have the highest incidence of movie downloading with 58%, while Japan has the lowest at 10%.

More than 31 million movies are reportedly downloaded due to file sharing in France every month, accounting for 26% of all downloads. Movies also account for 35% of downloads in Germany, 32% in Italy, and 29% in Spain.

3. People are willing to buy

While the number of Internet surfers downloading movies continues to rise, purchases from legitimate commercial stores have almost doubled since the beginning of 2006.
4. Insider trading

According to 'OTX' (Online Testing Exchange), of all unauthorized copies of movies distributed online, 77% are leaked by industry insiders. Only 5% first become available for download after their official DVD release date, suggesting that DVD copying by consumers is a much smaller problem for the movie industry than leaks from within their own organisation.

5. An isolated incident?

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has had to issue a statement explaining that an aggressively promoted research report they commissioned significantly exagerated the level of P2P piracy amongst college students. "The 2005 study had incorrectly concluded that 44 percent of the motion picture industry's domestic losses were attributable to piracy by college students. The 2007 study will report that number to be approximately 15 percent."

The MPAA has called the incident an 'isolated error'.
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