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Exploring Pay Per Click Programs As An Alternative To Adwords

May 22, 2008
A new idea in advertising has burst onto the scene of Internet marketing with the appearance of Pay Per Click advertising. The search engines have finally managed to find a way to make a profit with online marketing. Let me explain how this can be done.

Now let us think about the old way of advertising. You would pay money down to a company who would place your ad. The company showing your ad would be paid according to the length of time you wanted to run it. The exposure you get is nothing to do with what you pay the company.

This could be in several medias; radio, TV, newspaper or online on a web page. The price would be for running the ad for a limited time, and would make it available for all to see. Finally somebody saw the light and figured out that there should be a better way to market online. Of course not all marketing methods gave the same amount of exposure to an ad. For example a busy website would give a lot of exposure to an ad, so why not have a system in place where both advertiser and host could make money?

If you raised prices for the advertiser you would risk losing customers. In fact it could also be detrimental to the credibility of your business. Customers and sales would be lost and your competitors will start to get the edge on you.

So what about pay per click advertising? It is a simple concept with the advertiser submitting a keyword based ad to the search engines. The ad will come up with the search results for the keyword. Each time the ad is clicked by a visitor the advertiser pays the search engine a small amount of money. This allows both host and advertiser to make money.

When the search engines saw the potential of this idea they decided to develop it. To get better placements, advertisers were invited to bid higher. The advertiser with the highest bid won the best placement, this gave their ads better exposure. Both search engines and advertisers increased their profits.

Apart from Google and Google Adwords there are other pay per click engines. Many people tend to ignore this fact. Some better alternatives are; Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Search and Search Feed. If you want to make a profit with pay per click advertising you will need to explore these other options.

Multiple methods of drawing traffic to your site will help you to develop your business. When you use different pay per click options you can increase your sales and skyrocket your business.
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