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Affiliate Marketing News: Let's Find the Right Keywords

May 22, 2008
In the second of the "Affiliate Marketing News" sequence of articles, I will talk about the second step you need to take on your road to become a successful affiliate marketer. In the previous article I showed you some ways of finding good products, and in this one I will discuss the way to choose the right keywords for advertising them.

You have probably already heard of what they call "long tail keywords." These are phrases of at least 3 words or even more. Let me give you a simple example, which will make it very clear.

Let's assume you know a lot about sewing and you found a real cool sewing patterns product to promote. Go to Google and search for "sewing patterns." You will get over 1,300,000 results! There is no way for a complete newbie to compete against so many sites. Now try to search for the exact phrase "sewing patterns online" and you will get only 10,600 results. If you learn the next steps of my plan, you'll know that it is not hard to dominate this niche.

I recently purchased a tool that shows how many web sites are optimized for any key word. Let me tell you that out of these 10,600 sites just 4 (four!) are optimized for "sewing patterns online." The downside is that the same great tool shows me that "sewing patterns" receives 176,000 searches a month, while "sewing patterns online" gets only 4,500 monthly searches.

But this is a nice search volume and if you add to it the long tail phrase "sewing patterns costumes," which gets another 2,000 searches and has zero optimized sites, and if you learn how to take advantage of these facts (which I will explain in a future article) - you can start your promotion and dominate the search engines' results for these two key phrases.

Conducting a comprehensive keywords research is absolutely essential to your success. This is the bread and butter of Internet marketing. There are many tools and many resources that will help you find all the information you need.

Start by using the broadest terms: "cooking," "diet," "golf," and move on by digging deeper until you reach the long tail keywords. Keep checking on Google and the other search engines; find what the volume of searches is. Eventually you will find 3-4 phrases of 3-5 words with a few thousands of monthly searches and a low competition in the form of optimized sites.

Keyword research is the most important step on your way to a lucrative marketing business. Spend the time and the effort. If you find a very good tool at a reasonable price - invest in it. It will save you time and, eventually it will save you money.

In a couple of days I will publish the 3rd article in this series, in which I will point out different ways for online promotion of products.
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