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Small Business Secrets 101 - The Art Of Building A Client Base

May 22, 2008
Small Business Secrets of Public Relations

Public relations in a small business along with marketing is the lifeblood of business expansion. Along with marketing. Public relations is the exposure of your small business persona to the world. Public Relations is the positive message that irresistibly draws potential clients to your business.

Small Business Secrets of Marketing

Marketing in a small business is prince of market-share. In itís purest form, marketing is the critical link to profitable client exposure. A potential client does not only buy your small business product or service however. They buy your integrity and standards of exceptional quality first. Then they buy your company, and finally they buy your product or service. This critical transference of emotion about your offerings must take place first. Always be marketing your business.

Small Business Secrets of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the office assistant of the future. Outsourcing is used for just about all business operations. These workers are essentially freelance contract staffing. They are called virtual assistants. The beauty of this concept is that you can contract office talent from anywhere in the world. A business owner saves 2 ways. First the typical employee overhead is now gone. Second you can hire for many positions at a fraction of the going rate in the US or Europe. The only downside is slightly more management of the virtual assistants.

Small Business Secrets of Customer Support

Customer Support is a double edged sword ñ It is critical to have. And it can be a human resource swallowing nightmare. These days businesses are turning to levels of customer support to handle this delicate issue. Level 1 support. This is the urgent, VIP or Platinum plan offering. Full phone support. Level 2 support. This is via an Online Support Ticket System. Support issues are input by the customer and ideally followed up with virtual assistants.

Small Business Secrets of Productivity Management

Productivity Management is the polishing of your daily business process. This involves simplifying, streamlining and creating a duplicatable system for all of your daily operations. Also, this involves creating performance incentives for your employees. Inspire with mutual benefit for all. That is what really keeps your workers motivated. Not just pep talks. Getting your employees to think like co-owners will put a far better perspective on their attitudes. Give them unexpected bonuses also. Great business teams are forged on loyal passionate persistence.

Small Business Secrets of Product Creation

Most businesses are, or can be involved with product creation. A PDF report can essentially be a product for example. Products can be researched, designed, prototyped, pre-produced and finally rolled out today easier than ever. Due to outsourcing abilities a small business can essentially hire out whatever product creation support needed. The internet, outsourcing, CAD/CAM and joint ventures has revolutionized the entire concept. Exciting new products are oneís imagination away - more than ever in 2008.

Small Business Secrets of Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are the pinnacle of savvy small business evolution. Joint Ventures or JVs as they are known, are essentially 2 business teaming up on a per project basis with no other strings attached. An example would be a printer and a marketing business teaming up. The Printer has a list of clients to market to. The Marketer has higher sales conversion skills. So they agree to print and market for each other. Just one simple example.

Small Business Secrets of Creating Systems

Creating Systems is the synergistic twin to Productivity Management in terms of business optimization. This is the coveted art of overhead reduction by getting it done smoother, faster and simpler. This is best accomplished with a easy, simple learning curve in mind. Every tiny aspect of your business can be honed and polished to be frictionless and stable. This is where many un-made dollars hide.
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